this post is about three weeks behind schedule. but as you have seen i’ve been pretty busy in the past couple of weeks, which is kind of amazing judging it was summer (up till now), nevertheless i’ve worked and worked and maybe fit a little bit of play into all of that work, but i have been out of the house constantly from 8am until 11pm everyday. many interesting epiphanies and realizations occurred (and reoccurred) to me about the calgary fashion scene, some of which i don’t think i am ready to share with you on this blog just yet. this shoot we did for lauren bagliore’s spring/summer 2012 lookbook was amazing, i got to work with my friend jordan reimer for the very first time, which was great, i am beyond in love with all of her stuff, it’s very helmut lang (at rick owen’s prices, which means i can not afford it), but wearing it all for a full day, with a head full of blond hair (sigh!) somehow makes it all better. lauren herself is such a great, positive person to be around. before the shoot i did the fittings at her studio, which totally inspired me to go there after and take some interior photos of the space, everything about it was perfection and as a result i am now re-doing my apartment to match what i saw, kind of spontaneous and very unjustified, but change is always good for the soul. you can see more of lauren’s beautiful work on her website, as well as check out her facebook page for up to date info.

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  1. that looks like the most awesome place to work and the most brilliantly dark/lovely photo shoot

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