Ania B Neutrogena_14Ania B Neutrogena_23ever since i first started blogging, it was my belief that anything that happens should be taken as an opportunity to step outside the box and try something new. when this opportunity came in the form of being asked to share my stories with Neutrogena, and do it en route to california by way of toronto, i was unfazed by the couple extra hours on the plane. this is, after all everything i had asked for. travel was at the top of our goal list when we first started and will remain at the top of that list till our very last photo. to stimulate creativity, one must always wander.

as part of our project with Neutrogena and their new hydro boost line, i will be sharing some intimate stories from my past. funny thing about the past is that it very rarely actually stays there. all of our experiences shape the people we are today; they also say a lot about our character and weigh heavily on the decisions that we are going to make in the future. without realizing it, our past lives in our present in many ways. obviously i always try to live my life in a non-comic way, but it turns out that there’ve been times where the humor in my behavior was apparent to everyone but me.

Ania B Neutrogena_21Ania B Neutrogena_22 Ania B Neutrogena_18 Ania B Neutrogena_17 Ania B Neutrogena_16 Ania B Neutrogena_15Ania B Neutrogena_20bloggers from across canada were asked to share their unique stories about life’s beginnings (our first kiss, our first apartment, our first big fashion fail), all of which will be compiled into a series of videos, which we can’t wait to share with you. i had a very innocent adolescence, not having my first kiss until i was seventeen years old (totally a late bloomer) and not having my first boyfriend till the big 18. it has been pretty entertaining to look back at those moments and see the path i have taken and how i’ve grown into the person i am today, washing my mouth out with soap and giving my apartment a rainbow makeover included. over the next few weeks you will get a glimpse into my life on the road, behind (and in front) of the camera, at my best and at my worst. stay tuned for my Neutrogena hydro boost review as well as our videos hitting the interwebs very soon. summer is a hop, skip and a jump away, and we’ll soon be poking our heads back into the sunshine and collecting those coveted life experiences. it always helps to know that you aren’t the only one making mistakes, and to keep in mind that one day you’ll look back at them with some much needed humor. xoxo

photos by: luanne ronquillo & ania boniecka

bloggers from cover photo (left to right): fashion is everywhere, katelyn said, my little secrets, alicia fashionista, ania.b, the brunette salad, nana toulouse,  lipgloss junkie

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