20160829-20160829-032a2396-edit20160829-20160829-032a2198-edit20160829-20160829-032a2282-edit20160829-20160829-032a1740-edit20160829-20160829-032a1668-edit 20160829-20160829-032a182020160829-20160829-032a2448-edit 20160829-20160829-032a2471-edit 20160829-20160829-032a2757-edit I remember the first time I had laid eyes on one of Lauren Bagliore’s collections, the piece that stole the show for me was a silk draped dress with a spider pattern, it was the most beautiful and luxurious piece of clothing I have ever touched and it could be worn multiple different ways, just as though the way it looked wasn’t enough. That was almost ten years ago. This talented designer popped onto the Canadian fashion scene unsuspected. Hailing from New York and coming to Canada in pursuit of love she has been one of us ever since, her talent enriching the style culture of the city, and country. I don’t usually like to draw comparisons because fashion is such a personal space but for the sake of describing what Lauren’s style is all about I will say Rick Owens and Helmut Lang and move right along. The reason may solely be the major Japanese influence on their work. Lauren loves her kimonos and incorporates them into many of her pieces. I’m not talking about those light weight, fringed kimonos you can buy at just about any fast fashion outlet. We are talking about proper, structured and beautifully designed kimono coats that will make you never want to take them off. The oatmeal coloured Rimini Reversible Coat I am wearing in this post actually has me excited for the cooler days ahead. It’s even more versatile in that it will be the perfect transition piece both into fall and out of winter (and into spring). It is reversible, of course and can be worn numerous different ways. The sleeves, because of their length are meant to be folded but I am a sucker for a long sleeve so, for me, it’s all about exaggeration. The Lina Leatherette leggings underneath are a great layering piece, a signature for this New York/Canada based designer. It adds the edge that Lauren is so known for in her work. Everyone loves those modern, minimal and modular collections that you can mix and match and create your entire season’s wardrobe around and this is one of them. You can shop the beautiful Lauren Bagliore Concept Shop here in Calgary at 917, 11 Street SE in Inglewood and to learn more about the designer and her collections (and soon shop the site) visit (Pop in for their Biannual Sale on right now). You can also see a preview of her latest collection at PARK LUXE this October 1st at the National Music Centre. Make sure to follow them on IG + Facebook @LBconceptshop for all news and updates. xoxo

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  1. Thuy says:

    Love the coat along with how the material contrasts with your leather leggings 🙂

  2. Annika says:

    LOVE this! The look, the accessories and the setting! Where was it shot?

    • Ania says:

      Thank You! We shot it on the island of Korcula in Croatia actually, it’s a residential courtyard behind our hotel, quite amazing isn’t it 🙂

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