Winners-Spring-Denim-Dress-Ania-Boniecka-lgback in january you saw me fly to toronto for a project with winners. the cat’s out of the bag and the images out for your viewing pleasure. the project? four canadian influencers take on key trends for spring and make them their own. my trend? denim! coincidence? i don’t think so!

setting aside the fact that we’re (somewhat) native to calgary, denim being second skin, it is actually, by way of association a huge part of my upbringing. i don’t talk a lot about my personal life on the blog, even though i am trying to move closer in that direction. i was born an heir to a modest denim retail empire started by my parents back in (communist) poland. of course that changed when we came to canada but a lot of that aesthetic stayed with me. i would hang out at their stores after school and pretend i ran the show. they were a one stop shop for all things denim, they had one of those gigantic, custom made pairs of jeans made for each of their stores and they imported the famed alberta boots. it was paradise. the best part of growing up with denim is that the trend is truly timeless. i would even go as far as giving it the little black dress status.

it was a no brainer then, when i was asked to pick my favourite denim outfit from winners for their spring 2015 trend lookbook that i jumped at the opportunity. under the skilled eye of juliana schiavinatto and sheri stroh’s magic touch i posed for the ultimate outfit photo.

Denim trend copymy denim story is my own but my winners story is universal. i think all of you can relate to experiencing that moment of dread when going back for the item you passed up and finding it long gone. i have a couple of friends whose winners game is wicked strong. over the years i’ve picked up a few tricks, none of which involve patience. the moral always is and always will be (as in life), say yes and figure it out later. because we don’t like waiting anyway that works just as well for us. being a frequent winners visitor i can vouch for the ever changing selection and those truly special finds that you just can’t let go.

don’t forget to become part of the winners story by hashtagging your fashion conquests with #winnersfabfinds on instagram, twitter & facebook. click HERE for all the details. stay tuned for all the featured spring trends from erica, azamit, fiona and yours trully in the coming weeks. xoxo

camera emoji denim trend photo by chris nicholls, bts photos by ania bonieckariley stweart


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