It’s been so so long my friends. I would apologize BUT it was time well deserved and much needed. I did not walk away from my blog, far from it. We have been busier than ever and growing a business is no easy feat. Burn out is a word we are all familiar with, a catch all for millennials and the world’s problems. But burn out is all too real and we encounter the topic often especially when talking to fellow creators. Entrepreneurial spirit speaks to so many of us who can not handle the 9-5 grind, but who are we kidding, the grind is actually more intense when you work for yourself. I am excited to finally be able to check in with you on the world wide web again. Instagram is great and all but there is only so much you can say in a limited amount of characters. In truth the blog was broken for a few months, fixing it was put off for far too long. I even started taking coding classes just so this never has to happen again. Ask me in 6 months how that is going! It did end up being a much needed break. Self love is all about knowing when to stop just as much as it is about when to pick up again.

In the time away from the web browser I was able to focus some more attention on myself, and I wish I could tell you that I joined some bad ass classes and got a black belt in karate, or that I am now a champion chess player, but instead I took time to spend with my family, organize my life a little bit, and even though it’s not karate we did join a gym to keep moving and stay healthy, and my brother and nephew came along for the ride so we can all motivate each other. None of us is a stranger to how fast that motivational flame can extinguish when your heart and soul is just not on that elliptical with you. This post is a little glimpse into that journey. I won’t lie, it’s not been the Rocky training montage I was envisioning in my head but I will give us credit for getting to that gym somewhat regularly. Travel is not included and to be fair that does cut a lot into our work-out time. It’s being at home that’s keeping us out of shape: editing at a desk or in bed, sometimes all day everyday, driving everywhere and generally not accounting for energy gained vs. energy lost. I also have to shamefully admit that with age your body does after all require different kinds of love then it did when it was in it’s teens. ‘They’ tell you this all the time, but nobody ever listens. Well I’m here to tell you that ‘They’ are totally right and I think my time has come. It’s been an adjustment, especially because our lives are so irregular and quite literally go against any kind of routine.

Besides getting the fam on board for motivation I have been picking up my Apple Watch so much more often these last few months. Ever since our Whistler adventure getting to know the watch environment I have been so much more confident in the benefits it has been bringing to our lives. Of course fall detection for my mum has been critical and with the most recent series 5 launch we also now have EKG available in Canada to monitor the heart whenever we need it. The idea of closing our activity rings has also been integral to the the way we view time spent moving all together. We will pick up and go for a walk or take a moment to breathe thanks to the stats we get on the Apple Watch. If you watched the Apple Keynote  you will know about this year’s addition of the titanium and ceramic watch faces, both to be worn in very different ways (one more stylish and streamlined, the other optimized for performance and lightweight, can you guess which is which?). The biggest news this year for the watch has been the alway-on-display, which has been highly requested, though as a the watch wearer I was never bothered by the on/off jerk action you needed to make to see the display AND there has been some talk about the battery life being affected as a result, something which the jury is still out on, if you ask me. Some other new and very useful features include a built in compass and cycle tracking for women, the watch no longer takes data from our phones but has it available in the device itself,  the two are becoming more and more independent of each other so you will not longer need the phone to have full functionality of your watch. And just to put things in perspective, a fertility watch alone can set you back $400! If you are still rocking the series 3 watch and wondering if you need to upgrade the answer is 100% yes! These are some game changing features that you do not want to miss out on and having them all in one place and on your wrist no less is the future of technology we could only dream about when we were using our calculator Casio watches in elementary school!

As for working out, I am still working through my bodies capabilities. My 16 year old nephew proved to be quite a personal trainer and knows everything there is to know about how to work the human body. I loved being able to learn something from him. My current circuit includes the treadmill, bicep and tricep curls, squats, sit ups, and when my back has had enough of those (which as it turns out it does more often than I’d like to admit) I will switch those out for suspended leg lifts. I have also been playing around with the Nike Training Club (NTC) app for some suggested exercises to keep myself from the monotony of a routine, from which, as I mentioned earlier, I am so far removed. And for those of you curious to peek into this aspect of our lives, or just to relate, send me a DM and a follow request on my private account @healthyania. I’m hoping to keep this as a space for myself to track progress, document my favourite ways around the gym and just to stay accountable. Cue ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on my ‘Beast Mode’ playlist!

All of these photos were shot on the iPhone 11, eliminating the consumer camera market one phone release at a time! xoxo

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