I can’t believe that I am writing this, and it is bitter sweet I must admit, but winter is officially over! Our last ski trip behind us we are now shooting in more sunny destinations for the foreseeable future. Not that it wasn’t a great run. This year we skied more than all years prior combined. We travelled to the US and hit a few resorts on the way, I even graduated to blue runs after braving the not-so-green-green runs at Sun Valley. But I have to say, after all that, my body craved some Vitamin D. Now I get to complain about the always too cold A/C instead. Though for those of you who are still craving a day on the slopes, Mammoth California has, believe it or not, extended their season until AUGUST!

Before we hung up our ski gear for the season we did one last trip to Whister, BC to play around with the latest Apple Watch, and what could be the highlight of the season thus far, the Snoww App. The developer of the app joined us on the two day excursion so while we were comparing our times and adding new friends to compete with we had the chance to get first hand instruction. This isn’t my first time interacting with the Apple Watch on the slopes. We generally use one watch for the both of us to get an approximate estimate of how many runs we’ve done and the distance that’s been covered. However, there is nothing that can be compared with having your own, detailed and up-to-date stats to review and analyze. For those who partake in regular activity you will already be familiar with the three activity rings and they have definately been a huge motivator for me to also keep the watch on when I am not skiing. The fact that you can also share the results of your day activity live with your contacts has been keeping us all accountable to complete them on the daily. The interaction we have with my mum in particular has seen tremendous benefits from these features. We find ourselves checking in on her when we are not together to make sure that she’s keeping active. As many of you know, she had a very serious accident earlier this year that made me take her physical health much more seriously.

The Apple Watch series 4 has been a big part of 2019 for us. My mum’s accident in February had us searching for ways in which we can keep tabs on her physical health and luckily Apple introduced the fall detection feature which calls emergency services after a minute of unresponsiveness. *Knock on wood* Hopefully we never have to find out how it works. You are also able to add people who will be contacted at the same time to alert them of any emergencies. A game changer to say the least and she absolutely LOVES the device itself as well. She feels very modern but elegant at the same time, we splurged and got her the stainless steal version so she can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. The Apple Watch completely replaced her vintage Omega all together. She can pick up our calls if she forgets her phone, check the time & the weather (her favourite), keep tabs on her activity, which she absolutely loves. It’s actually so interesting to watch her satisfaction every day when she completes her goals. It gives her positive endorphins and motivates her to keep the momentum going. If I didn’t know better I would think she had a competitive streak!

It was fantastic to be able to take the watch on this trip with us and discover all the ways in which it can improve our busy lifestyles. Not only did we learn from the pros that work with these devices on the daily but we all got to exchange experiences with other bloggers, from all cross sections of the lifestyle genre. We chatted with mum bloggers, travel bloggers and fitness bloggers and got their take on how the watch has impacted their lives since it’s introduction in 2015. The group all went for a long run on the second day in the mountains but if you know anything about me is that I am no runner, I sat that one out but you can read all about their experiences at So Sasha, Mel Says, Blue Bird Kisses & A piece of Elise. xoxo

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