if you follow me on social media you will have already picked up your copy of april’s flare magazine. there you would have seen me grace the cover with four other super cute girls who all happen to be either bloggers, youtube stars or are instagram famous, for some of them even all of the above. you would have seen the fun that ensued during the toronto shoot along with my journey to get there on snapchat (@ania_boniecka) and had a peek behind the scenes on my instagram (@aniab). i wish that i could tell you how easy it was and how success just came overnight. i really can’t because despite this incredible and amazing milestone i STILL think that i have to work harder and that success is still something to look forward to instead of something i have already achieved. i won’t get into the semantics of said statement because this isn’t that kind of post and i will have another chance to tell you all about it soon. for now i want to bask in the excitement of this really great moment, pat myself on the back and share it with all of you.

i have been blogging for six years now and the journey has been incredible. i see the industry change and grow alongside the site, i see myself change and grow and through all this feel so lucky to be able to do what i love. who knew that an obsession of sharing photos on social networks would lead me to getting my first professional camera, quitting my ‘real’ job, meeting (+ marrying) an inspiring and talented photographer and travelling the world, all so that i can share it with you, it’s like going full circle, but into an alternate universe.

FLARE DYPTIQUEsome of you may wonder more about the shoot and how it came about. well, after the success of the first joe fresh x flare capsule collection last season the brands decided to join forces again, this time with a fun cover story, inviting all of us to join the fun and naturally do what we do best, document it. i got the e-mail early in the year and after shrieking at the computer screen with enthusiasm i quickly jumped on board. i have a really long history with the magazine that spans all the way back to my modelling days when i shot editorial stories with established photographers and artists, doe eyed never thinking that creative jobs like these could become a reality. back in 2011 i was featured in the she’s got flare column. i remember planning my outfit, feeling so nervous about one of my first printed features. i don’t even remember if i was taking blogging seriously back then, i know for a fact nobody in canada really was. then in 2014 i joined the flare team as the calgary localist and have been contributing to the magazine in different capacities ever since.

joe fresh has been on my radar since the inception of the company back in 2006. runway ready pieces at incredibly affordable prices sold at supermarkets across the country was something a lot of people could get behind. models love joe fresh because it’s so easy to shop and style. stylists love it because they love the thrill of the find, and who doesn’t love a good deal. the fashion community embraced joe fresh as canada’s answer to fast fashion and they haven’t been disappointed. there are everyday go-to items that i just won’t get anywhere else. trend conscious pieces like bags, shoes and coats are always a guarantee when i walk into a joe fresh store. sweat pants, basic tee’s and black opaque tights are on constant rotation. i have been collaborating as an ambassador of the brand for a few years (most recently at the wayhome music festival in ontario) and have really grown to know it well, not to mention loving to work with everyone on their team.

Ania B FLARE Cover Story-6197we arrived in toronto at the end of february to the shangrila hotel, i seriously don’t think we have ever had a room as luxurious, spacious and with such an amazing view as we did for this shoot. if flare had re-located the shoot to our room that would have been totally ok with me. the view from that bathroom was really one of the most impressive i have ever seen, and i am not impressed easily. the bathtub was, of course a very welcome sight, and it was heavily used for the duration of our stay. that night we joined the cast and crew of our cover shoot at the shangrila restaurant, bosk. the space was inspired by an asian aesthetic, beautiful sliding doors made for an intimate dinner and the chefs personal touch was felt throughout the night.

the next morning all the girls got into our car and drove to set. pictures really speak louder than words and you can see more of the behind the scenes action from the cover shoot day, as captured by tyler, here. below is your invite to the joe fresh x flare event in toronto this wednesday. i will be joining sonya, alanna, dajana & kayla at the queen street store here in toronto to celebrate and shop the cover story with you on person! there will be 25% off on all regular priced purchases and of course a lot of fashion talk! hope to see you there. xoxo

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  1. Thuy says:

    Great post. Loved the video. Glad you were able to participate in this collab 🙂

  2. Loved this feature! I even recognized fellow Miss Universe Canada contestant Dajana! Congrats guys 🙂

    Xo – Kyra

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