the-kit-x-hm-aniab-style-22 the-kit-x-hm-aniab-style-9 the-kit-x-hm-ania-b-style the-kit-x-hm-aniab-style-24 the-kit-x-hm-aniab-style-19 the-kit-x-hm-aniab-style-14 the-kit-x-hm-aniab-style-7the-kit-x-hm-aniab-style-8 the-kit-x-hm-aniab-style-3 the-kit-x-hm-aniab-style-10Fall, the time of re-prioritizing your wardrobe, letting go of your off the shoulder tops and moving into layers. I think it’s safe to say that all fashion people love fall, even if it is for the coats alone. Happily we still have a little time before we bundle up completely but planning ahead never hurt anyone, and the transitional period is one of the best times to figure out how you want to look for the next 4 months (6-10 months if you live in Canada gulp). This year we have one other reason to be excited about fall. The Kit Compact, until now, a Toronto only publication is officially going national! This also means that each of the big Canadian cities (Calgary being on that list no less) will be getting their own local issues catered to the trends and happenings right here at home. I am honoured to have been chosen, as one of three girls (together with Melanie of Born Lippy Style and Allana Davison) to represent YYC in this incredible milestone. For the occasion we also partnered with H&M to celebrate and get our fall shopping done early! My look of choice (also featured in the debut Calgary issue – SEE BELOW) will always and forever be denim and because we can play with it in so many ways I chose this cute overall button up dress as my starting point. 70s retro all the way I went straight for the striped knit top and suede jacket to complete the look. H&M has a ton of amazing accessories and shoes and I love that the gold hardware on these lace up heels ties in so well with the dangly hoop earnings, it’s all in the details! H&M always dishes out amazing deals so make sure to go into the store and shop the newest fall collection (+ visit their downtown location for the highly coveted trend line). You can visit to see all the latest on fashion, beauty and entertainment and make sure to pick up the monthly The Kit Compact Magazine in your city (check here for daily distribution). xoxo

wearing: head to toe H&M

kit-compact-sept cal-cover

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  1. Dominique says:

    Mental note: buy this entire outfit. You look amazing!

  2. Congrats on the feature Ania! Love that big smile :D.

  3. Ashwaq Hilal says:

    That jumper is really cute <3

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