Ania B Pandora Holiday-25Ania B Pandora Holiday-7Ania B Pandora Holiday-15exactly one month left to check off all your holiday gifting items. every year i hope to offer a selection of curated ideas to make your process as seamless as possible. i get that store hopping at the busiest time of the year can get super overwhelming. not everyone likes the same stores and of course there are different age groups and sexes that we shop for. i won’t have many ideas for guys in your lives, unfortunately, other than what they should be getting for YOU, of course! for that you can check out tyler’s blog, but i did compile a number of posts to get you inspired for the holiday season.

first up is probably the most perfect winter/holiday jewelry collection of the season. for those of you who like to play on themes pandora has got you covered! you can chose the fun holiday collection complete with little snowman and present .925 sterling silver charms, i love the little pearls on the bow shaped rings and the touches of 14k gold. it makes me think of drinking a hot chocolate by the fireplace and curling up listening to christmas carols. the perfect gift for your mum, a younger sister or a close family member. then there are those pictured shades of blue. a little more sophisticated from the first, this selection features snowflake necklace pendants, earring studs and beautiful sky blue crystals. it’s the perfect way to celebrate the coming of winter. feeling like a real ice princess i may have had my very own frozen moment playing around with this collection. this one is the perfect gift for a girlfriend or someone you admire. the collection feels modern but lets you have fun and really embrace the holiday season. how perfect are these silver beaded rings, or as pandora likes to call them, the eternal clouds. delicate and stackable, the perfect combination!

you can’t always be sure of the fit of a dress or their taste in music but you can always count that a beautiful piece of jewelry will not only be received with surprise but also that it will last for years to come. giving someone a charm bracelet gives an amazing opportunity for future gifts. what a beautiful way to build on your relationship together and grow the charm collection every time you celebrate another milestone. rings and necklaces are great for stacking and mixing. with the help of pandora’s ‘art of you’ campaign we are encouraged to embrace the self-creator within. the campaign represents the many ways pandora partners in helping to explore and craft a unique personal story to complement any style, every day. this is why jewelry makes for some of my favourite gifts, both to give and receive. i bet you can think of at least a couple special ladies in your lives who would love to receive a little pandora box under their christmas tree.

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