It embodies the very beginnings of this city, its quaint, photogenic and always bustling with things to do.
Over the years it's changed, grown and evolved and I was there for all of it. It's the midpoint between our home and our studio, in the summer it's my favourite place to bike and over the Holidays it becomes that neighbourhood that makes you have all the Christmas movie feels.

For the 18 years we’ve been in Calgary I’ve driven the same road nearly every day. The same way into downtown from home to school, later work and now for play and business and sometimes an escape. That path has always been through the beautiful historic neighbourhood of Inglewood. I love Inglewood for many reasons, it’s OG name of course but also because it embodies the very beginnings of this city, its quaint, photogenic and always bustling with things to do. Over the years it’s changed, grown and evolved and I was there for all of it. It’s the midpoint between our home and our studio, in the summer it’s my favourite place to bike and over the Holidays it becomes that neighbourhood that makes you have all the Christmas movie feels. The shops are locally owned, the faces are familiar and friendly and some of my favourite Calgary retailers call Inglewood home (see Plant, Uncommons, Fresh Laundry, The Livery Shop…), this year we are doing things a little differently and are exploring Inglewood anew. Many new shops opened in the last year that we haven’t had an opportunity to visit so we’re changing all this right now. We created a video and a guide to your Christmas in Inglewood. We want to get you inspired to visit our neck of the woods and see what all the hype is about. Read on and find out what you’ve been missing.

Art on 9th

This Gallery has only been open since May of 2017, but yet it feels like it’s been an Inglewood staple for ages. Pay a visit to take in all the best local artists, with a rotating show every month and regular guest performances, like during Jazz Fest. Something special to look forward to over the holidays will be the extensive gallery of 12×12 works by various artists displayed in the back gallery, the pieces will be reasonably priced so you can walk away with an original piece that will make for a thoughtful and personal gift.


This home furniture and accessories shop is a true destination, carrying some of the more notable Scandinavian brands this is the spot you can find the gift for the design lover on your list. From modern brass plant pots, cozy throws to a solid walnut bed frame you can go as little or as big as your budget allows. Shop your stocking stuffers or get that piece you’ve been eyeing and treat yourself. Guildhall makes it easy to fulfill all those #interiorgoals.

Shop your stocking stuffers or get that piece you've been eyeing and treat yourself.

Gummi Boutique

Take me to the candy store, twist my arm! I don’t think you can ever go wrong with slipping a sweet treat or two into a stocking. Gummi Boutique will challenge your knowledge of candy with gummy bears that can feed 16 people (for those infamous potlucks), mysterious flavoured Japanese candy, all things Hello Kitty & Super Mario and a shop that is literal sensory overload. Chances are you will leave with a sugar high before you even dig into your haul.

Shear Luxury

One of the newer additions to Inglewood’s 9th Avenue, or as I like to call it, main street. Shear Luxury has really earned it’s place as one of the best luxury women’s boutiques in the city. Most recently they hosted the talented Montreal duo UNTITLD at Calgary’s own PARK LUXE. With a selection of beautiful Cashmere’s, handcrafted Italian leathers and some of Canada’s top talent it’s the store that will have your wish list overflowing. The check fur collar coat look is all from Shear Luxury for those that need to see it to believe it. Those loafers by the way, knock any loafer I’ve ever worn out of the park. Move over Gucci, I found my new favourite pair of shoes!

With a selection of beautiful Cashmere's, handcrafted Italian leathers and some of Canada's top talent it's the store that will have your wish list overflowing.

The Apothecary

Some of the places on my list I am discovering for the first time with you and I couldn’t be more excited. Discovering beautiful new spots in a city you’ve grown up in is like finding an easter egg. The Apothecary was always on my list of places to visit and it turns out it was everything I hoped for and more. The shop is a wellness junkies dream. It smells divine of essential oils and bath bombs and carries the biggest selection of scents I’ve ever seen. Pick up your classics like Peppermint and Lavender and discover something new, like a little ‘Pick-Me-Up’. Chose from a wide selection of diffusers and treat your body to a relaxing in-home spa. You can also book massages and body treatments at the shop itself with a wide variety of services they have available at their fingertips.


One of Calgary’s original boutiques of our generation, the Inglewood location carries women’s and children clothes, accessories and toys. It’s a wonderful spot for a family shopping day. The look I am wearing with the camel parka can still be found at the store. With so many fun layering pieces you will have winter wrapped around your little finger. And for all those fashion forward ladies I suggest a gift card, so she can come and pick exactly what she wants. You can also never go wrong with a cute mitten/toque combo for our famous Canadian winters.

Deane House

Everyone who lives in Calgary must at least once visit the historic Deane House restaurant. And no it’s not a house of a dean, but of the Deane family who commissioned the house to be built. There is actual history behind it, being one of the most expensive homes to be built in the city at the time over 100 years ago. I won’t get into all the details here but if you wish to learn more you can always discover it’s history while indulging the exquisite seasonal menu and a bottle of wine from the neighbouring Bricks wine shop, which is also one of the best in the city.  To plan ahead visit to make a reservation, learn opening hours and take a peek at what’s on offer. Deane House is the first building you see when you enter the neighbourhood from the West side Inglewood bridge, another city landmark. Pictured in the image below are the duck confit pierogies in a beet dashi, smoked red lentil humus and the very delicious charcuterie board. And don’t forget to ask for break, freshly baked daily and well worth the extra fifteen minutes at the gym!

Bricks Wine Co.

Saving the best for last! One of Calgary’s top wine shops. Here you’ll  find family run wines, Calgary brewed beers and all time classics. The staff are knowledgable and the search for the perfect wine made easier with suggested food pairings throughout the store. You can always judge the bottle by it’s label, which is what we normally do, but with a beautifully curated selection like this one you will rarely have to worry about making the wrong decision.

Visit for the business directory, explore even more of what the neighbourhood has to offer, all up to date announcements and things to do. xoxo

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    So many beautiful shops in one place …. beautiful photos! ♥️👍🏼♥️

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  2. Ania, what a beautiful video!!. You did a fantastic job of show casing the great neighbourhood of Inglewood and all the wonderful boutiques.

    Thanks so much for such wonderful comments about our boutique!!

    Such a pleasure to work with you.

    Glad you love your navy loafers from Zonkey Boot. Nothing beats a pair of Italian handmade shoes — nothing!!

  3. Ken says:

    This is fantastic! Nice work.

    I’ve gotta spend more time in Inglewood, it looks lovely.

  4. Janet Wudrich says:

    As I do every day…start my day with BT Calgary. Was watching your Stocking Stuffer presentation. I know I’m old and am having difficulty finding the contest info….money has been very tight this year and there has been no money for presents. If i could enter your contest to win the stocking staffers it would provide me with an opportunity to pay it forward. Unfortunately I can’t find it on your website.


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