i can’t even believe that i am doing this but i am sitting in line for alexander wang x hm. and i totally hear you (and my voice of reason): why are you lining up at 3am for a collection that you already got to feel, smell and buy over three weeks ago in new york city with alexander wang in the same room as you of all places. i get it, crazy! and on top of that have gotten completely sabotaged by the mall cop at this god forsaken place, resulting in going from first in line to having to go in with the second group! the horror! BUT i gotta tell you, i did not anticipate to fall in love with this collection as hard as i have. after leaving new york, with my heart beating a million miles a minute i wished that i had been a lot more brave about my buy. BUY NOW, DECIDE LATER. i guess it’s not as easy to follow when off home turf. all of a sudden i realized that i do, after all, want the boxing gloves, and hell, i didn’t even see the tear away leather joggers. i’m feeling pretty passionately about this right now, mostly because i haven’t slept all night and it is, currently 6am.
the only thing keeping my mind off of this less-than-ideal situation are these images waiting to be posted from our ooh la la visit last week. what an amazing run has moschino had this past season. chris did calgary a huge solid with ordering this collection. i was a little late for the mcdonalds inspired set (the fry phone cases are still up for grabs) but this quilted denim, chain trimmed jacket sure makes for a fine substitute. obsessed with jeremy scott’s fresh perspective on the brand and the fun take on otherwise everyday things. you can quote me when you see that fruit loops dress in person. to die for! xoxo

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  1. loveeeeeeee this!! Also, I totally meant to go to the Wang launch but couldn’t go so early!! Dedication girl!! xo

  2. You are such a statement girlfriend. Love it.

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