ANIA B Wilfred Store Opening Chinook-31Wilfred Store Opening Chinook 6 ANIA B Wilfred Store Opening Chinook-8Wilfred Store Opening Chinook 10 ANIA B Wilfred Store Opening Chinook-9Wilfred Store Opening Chinook 1Wilfred Store Opening Chinook 11ANIA B Wilfred Store Opening Chinook-2ANIA B Wilfred Store Opening Chinook-19Wilfred Store Opening Chinook 12ANIA B Wilfred Store Opening Chinook-28 Wilfred Store Opening Chinook 7 Wilfred Store Opening Chinook 9 ANIA B Wilfred Store Opening Chinook-17Wilfred Store Opening Chinook 4 ANIA B Wilfred Store Opening Chinook-14as if beautiful clothes were not enough the newest addition to the aritzia family at chinook centre is also filled with amazing interior inspiration. wilfred opened it’s first free standing store at calgary’s chinook center on monday, november 23rd at 4pm. the 3,900 square foot is one of canada’s first four locations as part of the aritzia’s expansion. with a focus on quality, design and customer experience the store delivers all that it promises. you can expect everything you love about aritzia with an elevated selection of product from the wilfred, wilfred free and the le fou by wilfred lines.

the wilfred chinook boutique is inspired by loft spaces with light and feminine undertones, bringing to life the ideals of the wilfred woman: feminine, eclectic, effortless. the retail floor features a curated selection of vintage furniture and fixtures, surrounded by luxe natural materials including white marble, grey oak and custom raked stucco. custom millwork, foliage and curated artwork will be found throughout the space.

this fall, wilfred rewrites the rules of romance, playing with ideas of light and shadow. the result: a layering of textures, from heavy knits and boiled wools to soft embroidery and plush faux sherpa. prints take inspiration from morocco and asia, and come to life in a saturated palette — one that speaks to the modern bohemian.

the boutique is now open to the public at regular shopping centre hours. for those late night shopping sprees there is always do yourself a favour and get one of their cécile hats, or… you know, one in every color. xoxo

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