AniaB - Aritzia Nowhere Everywhere-15AniaB - Aritzia Nowhere Everywhere-7AniaB - Aritzia Nowhere Everywhere-9AniaB - Aritzia Nowhere Everywhere-18AniaB - Aritzia Nowhere Everywhere-24AniaB - Aritzia Nowhere Everywhere-20AniaB - Aritzia Nowhere Everywhere-13 AniaB - Aritzia Nowhere Everywhere-33before we  take off to toronto this morning for a quick one day trip i wanted to share these images with you. so much of what we have been doing in the last few weeks have been revolving around the calgary stampede, so naturally when aritiza asked us to take part in their nowhere, everywhere campaign and talk about our favorite spots in the city the grounds to the greatest outdoor show on earth were my obvious pick. now, obviously the festival is not scheduled to start for another week but i’ve been sporting head-to-toe denim since i started shedding my winter layers so i thought i’d just start celebrating early.

now it’s your turn to take part in the campaign and show off your summer style wherever you may be. hashtag your aritzia outfits with #nowhereeverywhere on instagram for a chance to win a weekly gift card of $500 and a grand prize of $2,500!!

couldn’t be happier about having my fellow alberta girls, katie marks and alyssa lau by my side adding their own unique styles and love for the brand to the mix. three girls and three very different looks. what do you think?

wearing: the castings boyfriend jacket, wilfred lannion romper, auxiliary mini mander bucket bag, talula sedona square, all from aritzia

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  1. Kárin says:

    I just love your blog! You are completely amazing!


    A Versatile Style Blog

  2. Great post! I am absolutely addicted to Aritzia and cannot wait for Stampede! So excited to have found your blog, and am looking forward to following via Bloglovin’!!

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