and my embargo on shopping may be coming to its’ humble end… you can only walk the main shopping street so many times before giving in to the carefully designed windows of beautiful locally owned boutiques. my search for the perfect birthday card for tyler led me to the discovery of the not-so-hidden victoria treasure, the emporia, provisions for home and living boutique. it is truly an overload for the senses. i’m not one to ooh and ahh over knick knacks for around the house (even for someone who seems to have an abundance of them in their possession) but i do want to own literally everything from this store.  upon a conversation with the owner, erin, i quickly learned that nothing on its shelves is an accident. the store first opened after erins’ return from paris, being inspired by all the beautiful things she found on her trip, she found the perfect space and with the help of her mum (who is also her business partner) opened the doors to what is now one of the fairly new thriving shops around the downtown area, you can easily recognize them by their modern aesthetic and amazing brand name products. where emporia is full of home decor inspired details, anywhere from sugar paper stationary, taschen & assouline books, and kobo candles to dinner ware and tea sets to beauty necessities like malin & goetz soaps and facial care, its sister store, violette (just up the street heading north) offers a carefully curated collection of jewellery and accessories from local to international designers. that’s a whole lot of temptation in a span of one city block and so i might already have my eyes set on a pair of karen walker glasses, with the sun coming out and all (tyler stalman if you’re reading this… ahem!). xoxo

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