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to gamble? to party? the never ending nightlife. to celebrate the upcoming wedding season, tyler and i jetted off to las vegas with ette for a few days, and while it’s definitely an unconventional place to tie the knot, the vibe and the surrounding desert is all you really need. the city is completely electric and full of life, and it’s a place where rules barely even exist. eat crepes in paris and then walk right over to new york. it surely has a charm about it. of course, eloping in sin city wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the las vegas sign and obviously we had to make a pitstop to in-n-out because animal style.

in the spirit of getting married in vegas i thought this reem acra mini couldn’t be more perfect. when i think about it this dress is a little reminiscent of a barbie outfit. the detachable skirt gives you the princess fairy tale you’ve always wanted but moves from day to night like a real dream. embellished body and a world of beautiful vails available to play with. all i need is a car with a pool and i’m ready to go. 

it wouldn’t be a real party without actually having an outfit change of course and ette’s selection of party dresses… well, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out but i promise, this dress will put even vegas to shame. xoxo

wearing: reem acra dress w/ detachable skirt, tia maze vail, all from ette

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  1. Beautiful! I love the shot where the skirt/veil is billowing around you :). And how cute are you with your soda pop!?! Haha!

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