Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_27 Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_26Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_34Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_33Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_31Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_11 Ania B Reem Acra ETTE_23Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_32Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_29Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_22 Ania B Jenny Packham ETTE_30 a little sparkle can go a long way, but a lot of sparkle, that’s a whole other level. it really is not vegas without it. showgirls eat your heart out! ette decked me out in some serious jenny packham bling for our last night on the strip. we had so much fun shooting the look we didn’t even bother waiting for the neon. the effect was instantaneous and the heads were turning. i’m totally in love! a word of advice if you are not going to drive when in vegas, bring a pair of shoes you are happy to walk in. every girl has that pair of trusty heels she swears by. those heels were made for vegas. distances are so deceiving here and every block feels like it’s miles long. much like in la aka. the west coast sprawl.

make sure to check out all the fun we’ve had with ette these last few weeks. we’ve now covered both sides of attending weddings (as a guest and as the bride, in which we find that both can be equally fun and stress free) to how to make a grand party entrance (keyword is sparkle). visit the boutique in mount royal village and online and remember that where dresses are concerned your options are limitless. xoxo

wearing: jenny packham dress + head piece, sylvia toledano clutch, all from ette

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  1. These photos are amazing, i love your 1920s dress

  2. Eclética and Chic says:

    Amazing style! Love the dress!

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