here’s a little interesting video for you for today’s post. in december, some 24 hours prior to leaving on our california road trip, i shot a video with kaelen ohm and wilkosz & way. it’s modern and it’s different, caitlin power provided the clothes from her spring collection (which you can now get at leo boutique btw… orange stripe cropped blouse! holla!) and kent merriman did the set design. i don’t know, i mean i was sent an audition today and it only makes sense now 😉 my obsession with siguorney weaver may reach new heights now. in all seriousness, however, i think i will stick to modeling for now <3 the weather in the city has become dreary. i am feeling sleepy and super idle. while everyone (and their dog) is at coachella this week i will be taking more street style photos. i have met some amazing new people and hope they will inspire you just the same. and of course it may be time for a first bike ride this weekend. fingers crossed. you can view the full video below or click here for the link. xoxo

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  1. Justyna says:

    this is gorgeous! so well done!

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