wearing: jnby top, skirt & vest, coutukitsch necklace, rings & bracelet, zara clutch, rag & bone sandals

i know i say this all the time, but we are busy, and this time i mean it tenfold. very exciting things happening in calgary next week (hint: it has something to do with nordstrom… again, because that will be the theme of summer 2014), but the week before is always a shit storm, for us with all our ongoing projects it’s sometimes hard to marry the time to do everything within a 9-5 window. and so begin the roller coaster that i have been on the last few days. coming back from korea has been an interesting experience, with jet lag, then a killer cold over the weekend, and now this there hasn’t been much time for rest. BUT we like it that way, when the lull of the summer begins we’ll be fondly remembering the days of no sleep. one of my other projects the last week have included my responsibilities with flare magazine as their newly appointed localist-at-large for calgary (i.e. the eyes and ears of local happenings on behalf of the magazine & their blog) with a monthly appearance on breakfast television… which happened to air yesterday morning… and it was scary as hell. my experience with tv appearances is limited to face time, no talking allowed. well things are different now and talking is key. watch my first segment HERE and stay tuned for my upcoming posts on the flare website and my first, august issue of the magazine… coming right up. thanks again to jnby and coutukitsch for the early morning #ootd. xoxo

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  1. peach says:

    lovely post 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach

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