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let me be honest for one moment. i realize it has been a very long time. i have no excuse. i have been procrastinating making posts due to some of the usual life drama surrounding me as of late. i don’t feel like this is at all a place to vent about my personal life and i don’t think it should be either so i won’t go into any more detail. the point is that i went from being uninspired to being inspired beyond anything i have ever experienced, to the point of turning my world upside down to being most insecure i have been in ages to being inspired for all the right reasons again. a complete cycle of what i think should lead to some kind of a miraculous self discovery. still looking for that one. i have stepped away from my usual activities, trying to focus on myself for a little bit and it’s going quite well. i am not done blogging by any means. taking a vacation perhaps is the right term for what is happening. i would rather blog about things that excite me and make me happy rather than search for opportunities, only to find that they are very few and far between, fashion in calgary is becoming more and more questionable, and being its biggest supporter for the past few years it disappoints me to see the direction it has taken. i am ready to focus my energy on things outside of fashion a little bit i think, not entirely, but putting my hopes in the proverbial hands leading the industry right now is not something i am ready to do. having said all this, a burden off my chest, i also want to share some of the things i have been doing lately. before going to la we shot a video with kaelen ohm, wilkosz & way and their team, it was a creative, it involved a lot of liquid substances and beautiful clothes. it was a LONG day. these are some of the behind the scene shots, more of which you can see on facebook (follow the link above). stay tuned for more information on the upcoming PARK show, also very excited about that one, for now visit thier facebook event page here.

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  1. AL says:

    tylko gubiąc się znajdujemy prawdziwych siebie.

    pozdr. AL / Alice! wake up!

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