say hello to tyler strömberg (it’s swedish). i met tyler when one christmas season i decided to buy a pair of true religion jeans. he wasn’t just another sales associate at an urban fashion store, no no, i met tyler when i applied for my dream job at hmv. i wanted a pair of jeans i couldn’t afford so i did what any desperate teenager would do, i got a job. and you know how you’re 18 years old and you think that working at a cd store will be the height of cool, like in empire records, that was me 100% (owning a superman shirt and driving a 60’s winged chevy fell under that same category). to make a long story short tyler approached me a few weeks ago about writing for my blog (he is an english major at mt. royal university), and i thought this would be just perfect, he’s obviously ‘with it’ (clearly i’m not) and he has great taste in music (which will be a big plus) plus he’s totally a writer (and i am not), so for a change you will actually get to read a little, not just look at pretty pictures. tyler is also creatively frustrated, so really we are just like two peas in a pod. 
after this grand introduction i wanted to give you a little taste of what will come your way in the upcoming weeks. i know the folk fest is over, and summer is winding down, and i should have probably posted this much sooner (hello procrastinating!) but tyler sent me this song and i really wanted to share it together with his five cents:

the weather has been hot here lately, which for me can ALWAYS inspire a bit of sitting in the sun with something cold and nothing to do. but it also got me thinking, what good is enjoying the outdoors without a few notes to go along with it? my go-to during the last few days of this heat kick has been ‘middle brother’, the brain child from members of deer tick, delta spirit, and dawes. If you’ve heard any of those bands before, then you’ve essentially heard middle brother, but check them out! Its a little folky, a little bluesy, and it’s got the something that just inspires kickin’ a bit of dirt around with your friends… or whatever you like to do in the summer sun!

pretty good i think. for those of you wondering: tyler’s favourite band is belle and sebastian and as far as literature goes, he says, salinger and murikami. cheers. xoxo


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  1. I am intrigued by this fellow English major (you don’t run into them too often!). Looking forward to the post…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fugoy says: my U key is stuck 🙁

  3. Aidan V. says:

    great track! reminds me a bit of dawes

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