when most people talk about iceland and music, they’re usually referring to sigur ros or bjork (plus perhaps múm and amiina, if they’ve explored a tiny bit deeper). now you can be quite certain a new band will be added to the mix. of monsters and men are a six-piece hailing from reykjavík, and include 3 guitarists, 2 singers, and a guy who dabbles in the accordion. ever since arcade fire won the grammy for best album, you kind of knew there was going to be an outing of soundalikes and copy cats. while of monsters and men certain have a similar kind of melodramatic flair to their music, they also set themselves far apart from those they’re likely to be compared to with a rich, swelling sound that could easily be described as icelandic folk music with a mean streak. no fancy video for you, but here’s the first song off the album to give you a taste. image source:

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