the weather here has been so dreary lately that i’ve caught myself listening to little that isn’t slow or sleepy. today i said “enough!” and was determined to find something new with a bit of kick to it, and so i did. buke and gase is a brooklyn duo consisting of arone dyer and aron sanchez. the two are hardly typical. if you ever see buke and gase (named after the instruments they play) during a live show, you’re most likely to see dyer sitting with a baritone ukelele in her lap and some assortment of bells and pedals laying on and around her feet, as sanchez sits across from her playing his own guitar/bass hybrid while stomping on drums with one foot and effects with the other. at very least they are an interesting, punchy two-piece that are high on concept, and i’ll take that any day of the week. check out their latest song below.

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