It’s no secret that I have my fair share of problems with acne. I don’t like to showcase it as some kind of topic of conversation because quite frankly I am so uncomfortable with it that I would rather ignore it. Conceal it, FaceTune it out. It’s a constant source of stress and anxiety and it just makes me feel better to leave it out of general conversation. I have tried true and tested home remedies, antibiotics, birth control, you name it. There have been things that worked really well and things that just completely missed the mark. Usually the things that help are chemical, long term and sometimes lifestyle altering (ie. birth control) and therefore just too high maintenance.

I finally discovered that living in one of the driest places on the planet + always travelling, changing climates, air conditioned hotel rooms etc. have all contributed to the dryness of my skin. It’s a great misconception that dry skin means no acne. Quite the opposite I found. The dryer your skin the more it overproduces oils and the more prone to acne you become. This was a REVELATION to me. I also realized that a forever revolving battery of skincare, creams and serums was not helping either.

At the start of the year I was asked to try a new product (new in Canada that is). Universkin was developed in France by a specialized board of scientists (dermatologists, biologists and pharmacists). This line of skincare is also only found through authorized healthcare professionals (in my case Dr. Stewart Adams at the Market Mall Dermatology Clinic). The biggest benefit of Universkin is that it is fully personalized to your individual skincare needs. The Universkin P serum can integrate up to three pure active ingredients (from the selection of 19 that are available). The serum is mixed in front of you at the time of your consultation based on an online SkinXs quiz you take before coming to meet with your skincare specialist.

Because the ingredients are fresh and active it is recommended they be used within an 8 week period after your consultation. Your formula can then be fine-tuned over time to adapt to your changing skin conditions and after a month of using my formula I am shocked at the results. Using only THREE drops of the day serum in the morning and three drops of the night serum before bed, along with Universkin Nexultra O hydrating oil cleanser, the results have been dramatic to say the least and most importantly, I haven’t had a single breakout!

Universkin is able to treat 8 different dysfunctions of skin. If you have stressed skin, wrinkles, inflammation or redness, dryness, blackheads, oily skin, melanoma (sun spots) or acne, you can benefit greatly by giving Universkin a try.

Visit for more information and to find a clinic near you, or book your appointment with Dr. Adams asap ( and give your skin a longer, healthier life.

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  1. Yes you need moisturizer. Have you tried clindamycin and tretinoin? Those are good anti acne products!

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