20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a8188-edit 20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a9956We all know how it goes, we want to wake up early so we can get a great start to the day but we sleep in a little longer because it’s just so painful to get out of bed. We say we’ll be out the door in 10 minutes but that turns into an hour of makeup, hair and getting dressed. I’m not one to usually take very long in the bathroom, I’ve actually been reminiscing the days when I used to throw on some blush and be out the door a happy camper. Over time I guess I just got used to makeup and now I feel naked without it. Great news for all of you that are in the same boat, and even better, because I’m going to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice time for looking great. Charlotte Tilbury just came out with an amazing range of Quick N’ Easy Make-up kits for literally every occasion. There are four incredible looks curated for each and every one of us, two for day and two for night. It gets better! Every look takes less than 5 minutes to apply AND you don’t need makeup brushes!  We took these out for a spin around town to see how they hold up in the real world and the results will have me sharpening those pencils until there’s nothing left. Five minute smokey eye, five minute red lip, a true beauty revolution!

20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a0885-edit phill-sebastian-calgary20170117-20170117-0z2a0281-edit20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a9988We are starting the day easy with the daytime chic look, there’s really nothing to it. Always start with your base, I used the combination of Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream & Wonder Glow aka. the dream team. Wonder Glow actually comes in three of the four kits so you’ll get to experience it all for yourself. The Classic Eye Liner in Audrey is perfect for opening up your eyes, i’ll cheat a little and put some on the bottom lash just to give it extra definition. Charlotte’s beach sticks are some of my favourite blushes and the Formentera is no exception. Shop the look HERE.

20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a8852-edit20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a7565-edit charlotte-tilbury-calgary20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a9290-edit Natural Glowing is my favourite of the bunch and closest to what I already wear day to day. It’s a perfect off-duty look that will leave you looking fresh and sun kissed on the go. The Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow stick in Amber Haze is the perfect color, its neutral for easy blending with your finger (remember we don’t have time for brushes when we are running out the door) and the Matte Revolution lipstick in Very Victoria will hold throughout the day, matte is a perfect lipstick texture as it lets you drink and eat and doesn’t easily rub off. The whole look is easy to throw in your purse and carry around with you for touchups or even that last minute out of town getaway. Finish it off with the Moon Beach Beach stick and you are ready to go! Shop it HERE.

20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a1967-edit 20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a1583-edit20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a1931-edit20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a2062-editThis Red Carpet Party Look was the biggest surprise of all for me. I am OBSESSED with the Red Carpet Matte Revolution lipstick! It’s the perfect shade of red PLUS it’s long lasting and so easy to apply. There are only THREE makeup products involved in this look and you’d never know it! The lined eye adds a beautiful accent but the focus is still all on the lip. Be careful if you overdraw. I actually do it because my lips are so thin, it’s easy to get carried away, so make sure to enjoy responsibly. I love the Rock N’ Kohl Eye liners, they glide while you are applying them which is a lot easier on your eye and it also makes for seamless lines. Here used in Barbarella Brown. Shop the look HERE.

20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a2746-editcalgary-charlotte-tilbury 20170117-20170117-20170117-0z2a2689-edit Another jaw dropper is the Smokey Eye Evening Look. I love the bold eye with the nude lips, it’s my favourite makeup look of all time. There was a period of time when I asked exclusively for this makeup every time I did a shoot. With three quick steps you have the perfect eyes. The trick is to use the Black Diamond shadow generously so you can see it’s beautiful texture. I like to draw a really thick cat eye which makes the eyes really pop. Finish the look with Legendary Lashes mascara, add some Penelope Pink K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick and hit the town! Shop the look HERE. xoxo

This post was sponsored by Charlotte Tilbury Makeup, however the opinions are my own.

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Such lovely looks and beautiful outfits … Simply fabulous! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  2. I received some CT lipsticks to review and they are out of this world! Creamy, moisturizing and last all day! I also love the shape of the lipstick, it’s so easy to apply. I’m totally hooked!

    • Ania says:

      Oh my gosh yes! They are absolutely amazing, I hope you also tried the liner with them, makes all the difference, the packaging doesn’t hurt either 😀 so beautiful

  3. Beautiful as always 🙂

  4. Renee says:


  5. Dominique says:

    Charlotte Tilbury makes the best matte lipsticks…hands down. Amazing. The red is beautiful on you!

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