Buying a good winter coat is a real investment, especially when your winters go through minus 25 degree cold spells, you will want to find a jacket that is functional (while not completely sacrificing your sense of style). The iconic outwear brand Canada Goose, famous for their parkas designed for Arctic conditions have been in production for almost 60 years! Made in Canada but famous world wide – so famous that rapper Lil Uzi Vert released a track titled “Canada Goose”. Whether you’re a city girl or spend time in the outdoors, there is no doubt that the team at Canada Goose are the ultimate experts when it comes to keeping you warm.

Last month the second Canadian flagship store opened in Calgary! I went down to do some research to make my list of the top 5 Canada Goose jackets. The good news is they all come in an assortment of different colours, and yes they all come in black!

1.  The Mystique Parka
It’s basically like wearing a sleeping bag. This parka is well known on outdoor movie sets for keeping the crew warm and guess where it got it’s name? Rebecca Romijn kept toasty warm in this bad boy on set of the original X-Men movies – as it offers the maximum protection!

2.  The Rossclair Parka
One of the best selling parkas for women, it is extremely flattering with an adjustable waist for an A line fit and a longer back that you can unzip for more movement, not to mention it’s insanely cozy AND made from the durable Arctic Tech fabric.

3.  The Hybridge Lite Jacket
This jacket has won the 2012 Outside Gear Of The Year Award! This light, compact and tear resistant jacket is a must have! It’s warm enough to wear through the winter but can also transition perfectly into spring. It’s great for both the city AND the mountains (my brother wears his hiking all the time).

4  The Whitehorse Parka
The oversized puffer jacket is not only functional, but totally trending for another year. We love spotting the puffers at fashion weeks and on famous rappers so it’s only fitting there is one in the CG family.

5.  The Rowley Parka
Fitted and Flattering AND made to withstand the toughest winter conditions. Check out how I styled mine in our latest Canada Goose editorial:

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