Filharmonia im. Mieczyslawa Karlowicza w Szczecine aka Szczecin Philharomonic for those in need of a translation is probably one of the more pleasant surprises we met with on our trip to Poland. Lately we’ve been really into architecture. I don’t know if it’s because we are starting the process of a GIANT house reno, but seeking out beautiful buildings has kind of become our favourite thing when we travel. Referencing ‘abstract’ for the first but NOT the last time on here, it’s really inspired me to look at the world in all new and different ways. The building itself won the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture and since then has been the diamond of Szczecin, drawing crowds from all over the country and the rest of Europe. We got a chance to get a secret VIP tour around the facility and see all the concert halls, including the opulent Gold Hall, and yes it is as impressive as it sounds. It really does put Szczecin on the map and the only thought that remains is the hope that more like it will spring up to draw even bigger crowds. We also lucked out huge by staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel in city center, being so close to all the main points of interest made is easy to move around and explore what really used to be just a distant memory. So happy we made the trip! Explore more of the interiors below. xoxo

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