A few years ago I set out on a very impossible journey. To read every book I ever wanted, anytime I wanted. Well you can guess how well that turned out. My stack is forever getting bigger. Which, by the way, is totally fine by me. Even though I can’t absorb the content by osmosis, being around books in and of itself really does inspire, so much so that we decided to build a mini library in our new home… when we find it. The idea of being able to reach for a book whenever you like sounds pretty romantic, almost like that moment in ‘Beauty & the Beast’. Except you will most definitely find a lot less greek philosophy in my library. There will be a lot more girl bosses on my shelves, a lot more fashion and generally a lot more color, literally and figuratively. I AM a huge sucker for a good cover. Keeping with the spirit of the inevitable warmer days ahead I wanted to share some of my top picks for summer reading. These ladies have inspired me immensely over the years and I can’t wait to get a closer look at how they all got here.

Life Unwrapped

by Diane Von Furstenberg

A page-turning biography on the controversial and influential Diane von Furstenberg, Gioia Diliberto captures the story behind the queen of the cult favourite, wrap dress and one of the true headers behind women’s liberation. She built an empire and she did it on her own terms, Diliberto follows Furstenberg’s journey as she fulfilled her vision in New York City, to create a look that wasn’t only for fashion but to enforce the modern woman in a world she wasn’t truly accepted.

“The true purpose of fashion — to enhance a woman's natural allure.”

A true exposé; The Diane von Furstenberg story is one of womanly inspiration and power. Through dozens of interviews with her friends, family and fashion insiders, Diliberto guides you along the path of this fascinating story and the bold life Diane von Furstenberg took on with full intentions to be the best. In 2014 the wrap dress celebrated 40 years. For any trend to live this long continuously is an amazing feat. It got me wanting to be part of the history, with a wrap dress and Diane’s biography in tow. There were a few books that came out about this fashion icon, one of which was written by Diane herself, that book is also on my list, but this cover is way funner! BUY IT HERE

Leave Your Mark

by Aliza Licht

An autobiography and guide written by Aliza Licht herself, the book is an open door to PR in the fashion world. After being the reigning queen of twitter as the renowned DKNY PR Girl, Licht writes about the do’s and don’ts of the evolution of fashion and social media and she does so in a tone that is almost conversational, almost as if you are having coffee with the PR genius herself. Licht prides herself in being a mentor and this sassy guide is exactly that, whether you are well into your career or one year into college, Licht provides insight to a world that is rarely in textbooks; how to build your personal brand, communicating, and where professional and personal lines are blurred. This book is a one stop shop for all those ladies looking to break into fashion’s digital world and kickass. With social media changing on the daily, this will be on top of my list, mainly because I want it to still be relevant when I take it all in. BUY IT HERE

Girl in Band

by Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon, the Hilary Clinton of rock and roll, broke the glass ceiling of the music industry. A super powerful woman doing super powerful things, who then wrote this super powerful memoir. Gordon paved the way for future female musicians to follow, in the band the Sonic Youth, she was a feminist icon that encompassed not only passion but true, honest to god, grit. This book follows her journey to becoming who she is today through her relationships, her childhood and her life in the 90’s. The book is edgy, alternative and something completely different. Our badass babes will fall header heels for this inspiring page turner. I’m not even a fan of Sonic Youth, but if reading Motley Crews ‘The Dirt’ taught me anything it’s that a good rock n’ roll biography doesn’t require you to be a fan of the music. Getting a glimpse into this life is worth the read alone. BUY IT HERE

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys

by Viv Albertine

Another punk rock memoir for us girls who wear a little too much black to fawn over. Viv Albertine was everything, did everything and writes about everything that your parents could have ever warned you about. As one of the founding mothers of the punks, if you will, Albertine broke into the male-dominated industry with peril. This book brings you along her insane life of ups and downs as she changed music and inspired a generation of musical gals to come. From cancer, to heartbreakers and even an abortion, Albertine was more than punk rock, she was and currently is rock hard. The title of this book basically guarantees that any and every girl will find something relatable in this one. I’m going to read these last two books, go watch ‘the Runaways’, put on my leather jacket and go dancing! BUY IT HERE

Model Woman

by Robert Lacey

A world in which we only truly see the outside of it, one that capitalizes simply on the public’s eye and view of the outside of people, Robert Lacey brings you into the secret society of modelling and how Eileen Ford made the name Ford became not only a household but the household in the agency industry. She created the celebrity model, the millionaire woman; she turned modeling into one of the most desired and luxurious professions to date. The book follows her entire career from the day it started to the day she signed iconic models like Naomi Campbell and Jerry Hall. Ford was another tenacious super boss, who brought along as much spunk into the fashion industry as Coco Chanel or Anna Wintour. Through interviews with friends, colleagues, and rivals, Lacey brings together what is Eileen Ford and her impressive actions as a business woman in the industry and a house mother to her models. This one is selfishly in here for me and all my fellow model friends. You never know where you are going to stumble on a story you heard from a different perspective while on a job or even recognize a certain bunk bed you slept on during your time in NYC. Regardless of your place in fashion, this is an icon you need to know more about. BUY IT HERE

Make Up

by Michelle Phan

As one of the original beauty content creators and digital curators, it was only expected that Youtuber, Michelle Phan would share her extensive knowledge in a book. She has inspired millions through her videos and honestly, this book is just as good but you can use it without wifi, or those pesky data charges! So hooray to that! The book compiles all her best wisdom and craziest tips; it is full of every question you could ever ask from beauty to self-confidence to even her social media career. Michelle has totally brought her entire life into this book and I can’t wait for you to read it! Who doesn’t love learning from other super successful women? These right here are actual achievable goals! BUY IT HERE

Front Roe

by Louise Roe

Another classic book of pretty. Louis Roe writes her very own bible of her thoughts and expertise on personal style, the fashion industry and self confidence. She doesn’t hold back one bit in this lively tell all, she reveals all the secrets she holds to becoming the leading lady in your own life. While beauty is a huge focus within her writing, Roe is honestly all about creating a happier environment for women to live in. Her goal is inspire ladies to be the best they can be, to like what they see in the mirror, to truly love themselves. This book is a guide to positivity and a little ray of sunshine. It encompasses true beauty and femininity while igniting a fire within. Who doesn’t love a good pick me up? This book will make you want to do the most. Louise has been on my radar ever since watching ‘The City’ (raise your hand if you were just as hooked as me), she then went on to create her blog and youtube channel. I can’t stop listening to her speak and her energy is totally contagious. BUY IT HERE

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