20160706-20160706-032A8176-Editsummer is still ahead in my books and that means plenty of time for enjoying the outdoors and spending some quality time with friends and family. the older i get, the more comfortable i become with the fact that this doesn’t always have to mean going out and being seen. mellow time at home can be just as enjoyable, if not more fun, especially if you know where to start. the biggest hurdle to get over when planning a get together with your friends is the scheduling, getting everyone together in the same place at the same time can be really tricky.  then of course, there is also the weather. as you may already know calgary has been under water most of the summer so every break in the clouds is a new opportunity to utilize that patio. it took us a couple of tries to finally make our schedules work but when you get your close friends together for a night of pizza and gossip it is all well worth it.

20160706-20160706-032A552420160719-20160719-032A1560-Edit PALM BAY PHOTO BOOTHmeet devon, lauren and amber. i’ve known these ladies almost as long as i’ve been in Canada. we all started modelling together and unlike my friends from school these girls are the ones that have stuck with me through thick and thin. we all come from different walks of life, different jobs and different backgrounds but the things that bond us together are the experiences we have shared over all these years in an otherwise superficial industry. they say that as long as you have a strong head on your shoulders and family support you will be ok. the family that grew from these strong relationships has really been the backbone for each of us. i am so lucky to call them my friends and apart from the fact that i can’t wait to see what the future holds i also love to spend some quality time with them whenever i can. so when Palm Bay talked about the idea of hosting a girls night this summer i was inspired to get some of us together and live the #PalmBayLife.

20160706-20160706-032A7299-Edit 20160714-20160714-032A9073-Editpalm-bay-popsicles20160706-20160706-032A8273-Editi love flipping through decor magazines and looking to pinterest for party ideas. there is a big arsenal of inspiration waiting to be used whenever i get an opportunity. i am also a huge sucker for novelty, flamingo shaped ice cubes, mexican blankets, tassels and a lot of color, that is what summer is all about!don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love the minimalist aesthetic and i wish i had the will power to pull it off, but there is just too much fun to be had with prints and patterns. when there is a toss up, colours always win. this was of course no exception, Palm Bay’s newest Pomegranate Hibiscus and Raspberry Starfruit flavours called for matching decor. thank goodness, also, for stylish friends who all showed up dressed the part. you know how they say if you spend enough time with somebody you start looking like them, well for these babes it’s all about sharing a closet it seems and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

20160706-20160706-032A8420-Edit 20160706-032A6836-Edit 20160706-20160706-032A7053-Edit20160719-20160719-032A1215-Edit palm-bay-popsiclemost important prep happened the night before, freezing ice cubes, getting the cooler ready, making food orders, sugaring glasses and of course picking out my outfit. my favourite discovery this year were the popsicle moulds. this girls night was all about having fun and there is nothing like taking you back to your childhood to do just that. i had a late night epiphany that i can freeze one of our Palm Bays, the idea evolved quickly and i added berries to the mould before i poured the liquid. literally the best photo op ever. you can thank me later! we also brought out the magazines and the nail polishes, i even painted each of my nails a different color, because when i commit to something i go all the way.

20160706-20160706-032A8097-Edit 20160706-20160706-032A8253-Edit 20160714-032A8457-Editso despite the weather and all the external factors we had another really successful Palm Bay Experience and thanks to the magic of instagram we can even show everyone what we were up to with the hashtag #PalmBayLife. who says staying at home has to be boring. xoxo

wearing: storets dress, brixton hat, tory burch espadrilles

this post was sponsored by Palm Bay but all opinions are my own. please drink responsibly.


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  1. So many beautiful smiles! Love this post :). xo

  2. Thuy says:

    I’m happy to hear you have ride or die friends. I love seeing them too so thanks for introducing them. All of you ladies are gorgeous – you especially – but I am particularly captivated by the red-headed woman 🙂 Tell her she is very stunning.

  3. Dianne Hammel says:

    Where is you dress from Ania? LOVE IT!

    • Ania says:


      I updated the post with links to where I got all the pieces, the dress is by a Korean brand Storets, I think it might be sold out now (just tried to find the direct link for you), but take a look at the site they have a LOT of amazing pieces all the time. It’s my new favourite for trendy pieces and at affordable prices

  4. Elena says:

    Amazing pictures! what a funny day! I love it!

  5. Linoya says:

    Amazing style ,Beautiful dress.

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