It’s hard to believe but it has been nearly exactly TWENTY years since Dior launched a new fragrance! The last one being, of course, the forever classic J’adore in 1999. The face of the new fragrance is the current brand ambassador Jennifer Lawrence, who also stars in a short trailer length film embodying the feeling and essence of JOYCoincidentally, in 2015 the actress also starred in a feature film of that very same name, though the connection ends there it seems.

The fragrance is based in floral, woody and musky notes, though when I first smelt it I was immediately drawn in by a sweet citrus. After a bit of reading it turns out that the fragrance does not fall exclusively under any one particular box and as such welcomes the unique experience from whoever is smelling it. An interesting concept, seeing as the new fragrance is created with the millennial market in mind (if the pink is any indication that is). The packaging itself is beautiful in it’s simplicity, yet complex in it’s details and has all the ingredients to become an instant classic in it’s own right.

It’s fascinating how this process which takes whole teams of specialists and years to complete really all comes down to a simple decision directed by our own very unique senses and because of this very personalized experience it always makes for an excellent gift for a loved one. No better way of showing someone how much you love them then by showing them how much you know them. xoxo

Buy your bottle at Sephora, or wherever fragrances are sold. Available now.


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