ania-b-mavi-indigo-move-4ania-b-mavi-indigo-move-2ania-b-mavi-indigo-move-9ania-b-mavi-indigo-move-18ania-b-mavi-indigo-move-17 ania-b-mavi-indigo-move-6 ania-b-mavi-indigo-move-5To say that our lives are constantly on the move is putting it lightly. Sometimes i feel like i have to hide from everything just to catch a breath. We are so beyond routine I don’t even know if I would have time to organize our lives in a way that made much sense. That is the adventure of it all and learning how to deal with it as it comes is something I am learning everyday. You get to see some really elaborate shoots on here and the truth is that as much as I LOVE dressing up, playing with colours and patterns I also cherish the wind down neutral moments. Mavi just came out with an awesome new line of movable denim to perfectly coincide with the craziness of everyday life. It moves flawlessly through your life so that it’s easy to take it from day to night. The Indigo Move line offers a variety of different styles and washes so that you don’t have to compromise fashion for function + there is also an awesome jacket for that denim head-to-toe look! Check out the entire Indigo Move line at 

wearing: mavi indigo move lucy in black

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  1. Linoya says:

    So Fashionable look

  2. this post is great! congratulations!

  3. Danielle says:

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