kenzo-x-hm-15kenzo-x-hm-24kenzo-x-hm-5kenzo-x-hm-25kenzo-x-hm-3kenzo-x-hm-9kenzo-x-hm-12kenzo-x-hm-10kenzo-x-hm-21kenzo-x-hm-17kenzo-x-hm-19kenzo-x-hm-6kenzo-x-hm-13  Ladies & gentlemen, I give you a sneak peek into the world of KENZO x HM! Do you remember your first H&M designer collab? I was on the first plane out of Calgary in 2010 when the Lanvin collection hit stores (my first) and I even have a blog post to prove it! it’s been SIX years if you can believe it and every collaboration since then seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Partnering with KENZO could not have been more perfect and the collection is every street style photographers dream. KENZO is known for their global influences and inclusivity and H&M is really celebrating those values. The colours, the patterns, the energy and the endless combinations of how to style each and every piece have me so excited to shop it in store on November 3rd! Both men’s and women’s selections are so good I’m brining Tyler along for maximum access. With these incredible murals being completed at the Chinook Centre Staples (out of all places!) we landed with some spot on timing, and backdrops like these in Calgary?! nearly impossible! yet here we are! Some bad news for our Calgary friends though, who, sadly will have to sit this release out yet again. Every year I hope to get them back (Alexander Wang in 2014 was the last one available at the Core H&M location), of course once e-commerce opens up in Canada things will get a little easier, though I dare you to try and buy anything online when a designer collab drops. I keep fighting for us on the ground in Toronto but of course one person’s shopping dreams can only come so far. Not giving up just yet! However an open note to the good people of Calgary who were walking by as we were shooting, perhaps instead of calling out my supposed ‘halloween costume’, actually being excited and in the know about a major shopping event like this will be a big step in the right direction. Let it be your fashion junkie mandate! You can preview the entire collection on the H&M website now. In the meantime we’ll be on a plane to Toronto! xoxo

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  1. Becia says:

    Love your blog so much! <3

  2. This shoot is soon much fun! Next time I need a smile, I’ll just come here ;).

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