20160602-20160602-20160602-032A0126-Edit (1) YSL COLORS playful, lux, audacious and edgy, all words to describe the quintessential YSL girl. a few months ago i had the immense honour to be one of the few canadians to travel to paris and preview a very special product, the YSL Beauté Mascara Vinyl Couture. when i get a last minute call to jump on a plane and add an extra stop to an already 6 week whirlwind tour and that stop happens to be paris i’m obviously all in. my first time with iceland air (amazing btw), with only three days in paris, a ton of projects on the go and a good attitude (of course), we were only too happy to be back on french soil.

we were put up in the cutest hotel (hotel bauchaumont) and ate at what quickly became my new favourite spots (le dauphin, restaurant costs st honoré and miss ko on george v). the trip might have been short but with the amount of things we saw and did it could very well have been at least a week. i just love how time takes on a brand new meaning when you are discovering something new.

YSL LOOK20160602-20160602-032A9835-Editthe day came when we were finally invite up to the YSL Beauté apartment in the heart of paris. the visit was complete with one of the most photogenic staircases, decor to die for and of course tables full of beautiful product, all of which is launching in 2016. a real pinch-me-moment when you realize you are one of the first people to ever touch and experience these products the artists and scientists have been perfecting over years of consistent work. the grand finale of the tour was, you guessed it, the YSL Beauté Mascara Vinyl Couture (just as reference all the product names DO appear in french on their packaging across the world, talk about chic!). one of the coolest parts of the tour was listening to Lloyd Simmonds, the YSL Beauté creative director (and a fellow CANADIAN!) demo the product and speak about the process of creating these new coloured mascaras. the spectrum goes from classic black to, electric blue and hot pink. it’s a beautiful rainbow of choices for wherever your mood takes you. obviously i am obsessed enough to get one in every color. i can’t wait to rock the vibrant hues for festival season this year and save the gold (i’m the fire) and sparkly black (i’m the storm) for the holidays.

i recreated one of my favourite looks for this post incorporating the blue (i’m the trouble) + green (i’m the excitement) to both channel my feelings about the collection and to test out my new go to summer look. what i loved pulling from Lloyd insights into makeup was using two different colors on the top and bottoms of your lashes, what a great and fun way to celebrate warmer weather, music and living to the fullest. if you are typically the person to be safe with trends your face is a great place to start. go for the darker colors so you don’t feel too out there but eventually work your way up to brighter and brighter hues, i promise, you will love it 🙂 you can now purchase the YSL Beauté Mascara Vinyl Couture at sephora ($39.00). leave me a note and let me know what your favourite color combo is, chances are i will defiantly try it. xoxo


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