ANIA B GAP FIT-ANIA B GAP FIT-ANIA B GAP FIT--19 ANIA B GAP FIT-Gap Fit BarreBelleANIA B GAP FIT--21ANIA B GAP FIT-ANIA B GAP FIT--4 ANIA B GAP FIT--6ANIA B GAP FIT--20we are closing in on our time in toronto and looking forward to getting back home. even though that time is going to be short and sweet (what’s new?), i have already worked myself up to getting my sweat on at the newly opened barre belle studio on 4th street in calgary. i bought a pass to the gym in our studio building in toronto and ended up going… zero times. literally every moment i find to myself i spend stretching out my feet and vegging out on the closest thing that resembles a couch. we are three months into our new years resolutions and it’s feeling like if i let myself go now, my path will be laid out for me for the next few months. i have to take every moment i get to exercise and i really suck at self motivating. beautiful photogenic spaces make it so much easier to get me out of the house. among many new hot spots around the city barre belle is very high on that list. together with being designed by the mega talented aly velji and totally worth working out with your phone in hand (at least that one time), the studio is run by three beautiful, strong and inspiring women, one of whom is my city tv localist host, jill belland. being in direct (and indirect) company of the people i admire makes barre my work out of the moment and this studio my go-to space. not to mention my most recent gap fit haul that will make the process so much more fun. oh yea and let’s not forget these awesome nike studio wraps you can throw on your feet to never slide on your mat again! genius! see you at the barre! xoxo

wearing: gap fit sports bra and leggings

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