20160324-118A0207-Edit 20160324-118A0446-Edit 20160324-118A0424-Edit 20160324-118A0716-Edit 20160324-118A0363-Edit 20160324-118A0475-Edit 20160324-118A0150-Edit20160324-118A0031-Edithere is the low down, i always get the funniest looks from people when i say that i’m super into western wear. i would even go as far to say that i get made fun of. i know, like you, thoughts of confusion flow through MY mind. i mean, have they even been to california? the desert? watched a western with john wayne? seen how western can be done so right? clearly not. festival season is literally around the corner, we are heading to coachella for some serious festival binge in april (more on that very soon) and with sxsw just wrapping i am in a serious bandana and paisley mood. i scroll through my past posts with express and realize that i have done western inspired looks a lot (see my february and october posts) but i can’t help myself, if i see a laced faux suede dress hanging for the taking i am going to make my move and build an outfit around it in my head before i even reach the checkout. another amazing find is this suede desert hat aka the dream and don’t get me started on that alternative to a certain designer bag we all know and love. festival ootd hunting really can’t get much better than this. get used to seeing lots of leg because after spending three weeks praying for the sun i am going to go all out when it finally happens. xoxo

wearing: express romper, bag, hat, belt & scarf

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  1. Thuy says:

    Do you girl. For me personally, western isn’t my thing lmao. Western movies, western wear, anything lmao.

  2. Caroline says:

    Omg!Where are these amazing boots from??

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