GEOX - Ania B--18 GEOX - Ania B--6 GEOX - Ania B--5 GEOX NebulaGEOX - Ania B--12GEOX - Ania B--15 GEOX - Ania B--17nothing makes me more relaxed than knowing i can wake up in the morning and think casual. i love dressing up of course (hence starting a style blog duh!), but you know those days when you feel like you could really use a snow day, even if it’s the middle of summer? especially in the middle of summer, actually. the days when the sun shines through the windows and it feels so good to just sit and bask in the moment? those days are very much equivalent to chilling in bed. now take that and apply it to your wardrobe. kind of no pressure moments, moments when you can breathe and just be yourself. this week has been all about that for us. funny too because we are still doing tons of meetings and appointments but things are on our terms and we are keeping it to two or three errands per day, we are being kind to ourselves and chalking it up to realizing those 3 year goals.

in line with keeping things more casual i’m excited to share this GEOX campaign we have been working on with some awesome bloggers across the country to celebrate their must-have new sneaker, the GEOX Nebula. the sneaker comes in a variety of different colors for all seasons, light grey being my ultimate winners, mostly going along with that no pressure dressing thought process of mine. they make for the perfect travel shoe, they can be worn everyday, for running errands, being on top of my efficiency and productivity but staying true to my style. a big feature of going with GEOX is breathability. the shoes are made with fabrics and materials that put your feet in an optimal setting, even offering body temperature regulation (that’s a thing by the way… yea i didn’t know it either). feeling like giving your feet a break, but still be able to run around and feel like you’re walking on a cloud? i was pretty pleased. xoxo

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  1. Thuy says:

    Hat looks great on you. Always love a long coat.

  2. You guys are doing a great job of choosing your locations to mimic the colours and textures of your outfits. It really adds to the look of your shoots. Also, I’ve been looking for a new pair of stylish running shoes for my daily walks with Charlie – looks like I’ll be swinging by Geox to try on a pair!

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