20160209-032A0033-Edit 20160304-032A9745-Editevery time we get on a plane i feel like i am walking away with an abundance of new information about travel. whether it is picking up tricks on how to best board a plane or how to pack so that you are always under the allowable weight limit.

we partnered up with hudson’s bay to find some essential and versatile pieces that are perfect for a quick getaway. amongst the huge variety of available products, hudson’s bay really is the place where you can pick up your luggage, like this lightweight, full-size skyway piece, and then fill it all in one neat little package. ironically as we were working on this story a last minute trip to paris presented itself and the first place we headed for was hudson’s bay on queen west in toronto. we needed some new luggage and because we were obviously not planning to jet set off to europe, a clarisonic mia 2 (the ultimate skincare saver) a power adapter, some of my favourite makeup – namely lancome’s brow gel (a must have!) and their l’absolue rouge definition lipsticks in le prune, le pourpre and le carmin – and some last minute outfits (clearly!).

20160304-032A9801we were on our way to new york fashion week so we came prepared with passports but just thinking that we could have been stranded without them was a terrifying thought. learning from my mistakes i am now packing my passport every time i get on a plane, domestic or otherwise. speaking of listening to my own advice, just because we travel with an insane amount of luggage (there are actually good reasons for this i promise) doesn’t mean i’m not thinking about how to downsize the amount of clothes and accessories i need. spring and summer are obviously easier, the bulk is in the jackets and it’s a very bitter sweet experience, as much as layering is where it’s at, you really have to learn how to sacrifice certain items, ie. do you really need that 5th pair of jeans (which coincidentally is probably one of the heaviest pieces in that suitcase), the answer is no. what i like to do is always wear my heaviest jacket on the plane. i find that regardless of where i go it always gets chilly up in the air and i want to be covered and cozy. this topshop leather jacket and sleeveless vest make the absolute perfect travel companions and are super versatile layering pieces, especially when paired with the topshop’s denim culottes.

i always keep my most valuable pieces in my skyway luggage carry-on. we’ve had our luggage lost or delayed too many times to trust that everything will go according to plan. a great way to pack your jewellery, and actually prevent it from getting bumped around is to put it all inside one of your purses, this way you know where you left it and it will all be intact when time comes to unpack. the same goes for socks, you can save a ton of packing space by stuffing socks into shoes and places otherwise unused. see below for all your packing essentials next time you hop across the pond and make sure to check out hudson’s bay to find everything and anything you will need for your time abroad. xoxo

wearing: topshop jeans, body suit + jacket, burberry sunglasses

what to pack: clearasonic mia 2, lancome l’absolu rouge definition lipsticks, lancome waterproof eyebrow gel cream, skyway bridgeport spiner suitcase

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  1. Love the way your styling your hair lately :).

  2. Ella says:

    never mind what to pack, I need to know how you’re getting your loose waves so perfect! my hair is the same length but always ends up giving in to the attacks of humidity and looking horrendous

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