Ania B Amex x Pigeonhole-16Pigeonhole 3 Ania B Amex x Pigeonhole-22 Ania B Amex x Pigeonhole-1 Ania B Amex x Pigeonhole-2unnamed-Edit-Edit-Edit118A3072118A3658-Edit-EditAnia B Amex x Pigeonhole-8 Ania B Amex x Pigeonhole-7 Ania B Amex x Pigeonhole-26being at home means participating in all things local. i love connecting with the community, be it fashion, food or lifestyle, and seeing what everyone is up to. calgary has become an amazingly vibrant place, anyone that lives here will tell you that the food scene is booming and along with it everything else. the creative community is bursting with talent and it’s amazing to be in the middle of it all. whenever we get asked if we would move to a bigger centre, the answer is always followed with an explanation of why calgary is totally where it’s at.

the most recent reason for all this yyc loving is pigeonhole. the restaurant barely opened its doors and it already made canada’s best new restaurants as determined by air canada enroute magazine. i’m no food critic but all you have to do is look around the place. i mean… it’s gorgeous! not to mention that i actually have tasted the menu (for those following along on snapchat you already had a sneak peek), and the very thought of their tuna crudo in whipped yogurt, puffed rice, sour cucumber and lemon verbena is making my mouth water. another favourite? the charred cabbage, with jalapeños, salad cream and mimolette cheese, something so simple and it has me wondering why i don’t have cabbage for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. this is owner’s justin leboe’s THIRD time on the highly coveted list and this time it’s the very top!

enter american express canada, who has provided cardmembers early access to the best entertainment experiences for over 26 years. for the first time ever amex has opened its doors to ALL canadians to experience the perks of being a cardmember through categories like film, dining and music. together with restaurants like pigeonhole in calgary, annalena in vancouver and bar reval in toronto, amex is giving everyone the opportunity to taste our beautiful cities, literally. all you have to do is visit, provide your e-mail address and enter for a chance to attend one of the 3 special dining experiences like a cardmember.

if you live in calgary and want to attend this exclusive dining experience at our very own pigeonhole on november 25th then you better act fast because the calgary entry period ends on november 12th. don’t miss your chance to get a taste of what everyone is talking about. i’ll be seeing you there! xoxo

visit for more information.

wearing: self portrait dress, louis vuitton louise bag, church’s derby shoes, banana republic coat

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  1. This restaurant looks so cute! I love your dress

  2. The lighting at Pigeonhole is soooo much better during the day! Haha! Also, if you ever grow tired of those Self Portrait dresses, let me know ;).

  3. howomen says:

    What a beautiful and amazing red lace dress. I am in love with it <3

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