20151015-032A3293-Edit 20151015-032A3033-Edit cropafter all the travel, all the cities, and all that fashion i never expected that what would make me the happiest is being in my own neck of the woods. we got back to calgary after our month away and basically got right into a car to drive down to montana, it was exactly where i needed to be. i’m excited to finally be able to talk about the epic canada goose retreat we went on exactly one month ago, to experiance their newest collaboration with pendleton. if you are from the pacific northwest you are more than familiar with pendleton. blankets, hats, shirts and accessories are some of their most popular and iconic, and around here true staples. this collaboration, then, couldn’t have been more fitting. canada goose is already a favourite amongst those living in cold climates, for obvious reasons (and as of late, with their light weight offerings, those blessed with milder weather can now also get their fill of the brand). with a line of accessories, consisting of two scarf options, a down filled blanket, and a wool cap this really is a marriage made in heaven. the pendleton aztec print with canada goose colours and of course the fabrics that make each of these brands so unique are your new favourite winter accessories.

the collection was ready and waiting for us at the camp site at paws up resort in greenough, montana. not sure what to expect, our jaws dropped at the sight of where we would spend the next three days. to say that this trip was a dream come true would be an understatement. we were accompanied by a group of bloggers, from all four corners of the continent. lisa and marcel from new york, michelle and tyler from la, naska and marcus from montreal and, of course us (make sure you go give them some love and check out each of their takes on this amazing getaway). we got to our camp just in time to unload our suitcases and sit down to our freshly cooked dinner. the entire experience could easily be described as camping on steroids, and hence, the only way to camp, period. this also marked my second glamping trip and, oh they could just keep on coming. our tent, big enough to sleep four, came with it’s own private bathroom, a proper shower, heated floors and of course, in the middle of winter, very needed, heated blankets. morning wake up calls couldn’t come early enough, we were ready to jump out of bed before each sunrise just to see what adventure awaited us next. hot air balloon and trail rides on horseback with real life american cowboys, chuckwagon sunset dinners and outdoor spa treatments were some of the highlights. the only thing missing was a country soundtrack and i swear i could cry. a real be-there kind of moment but we did our best to document every minute of it so we could share it with you. a video is on it’s way so the only thing missing will be the smell of it all, and even those were so worth leaving paris for. i can see how gwyneth took such a liking to this place. thank you canada goose for sweeping us away into the heart of the wild west. xoxo


canada goose x pendleton blanket

 canada goose x pendleton hooded scarf

 canada goose x pendleton wool cap

canada goose x pendleton scarf

canada goose hybridge lite coat

canada goose chelsea parka

canada goose heatherton parka

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  1. Ever Rose says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love *both* brands you featured today.

  2. Elise says:

    best ever! epic photos.

  3. Rhea says:

    In love with this photo diary, such beautiful work!

  4. I love all of the horse photos and how cute are you two in your bath robes. An enviable journey for sure!

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