20151021-118A8986-Edit i am so happy to finally start sharing our toronto fashion week stories with you. it has been a crazy week filled with firsts and of course endless canadian fashion. it’s such a good feeling to be able to call toronto our second home and it’s really become that for us over the last two years. so much that we finally decided to get a space here and divide our time between the east and west coast. while our current visit is coming to an end many more are on the horizon.

last week also marked our first partnership with PANDORA jewelry. to take a break from all the fashion week madness they hosted a number of bloggers to a decadent brunch at colette, a match made in aesthetic heaven if you ask me. we previewed the newest autumn & winter collections in line with their brand new campaign. the focus is on the power of self-expression and recognizing that there are as many women and moods as there are ways to wear jewelry. we should feel encouraged to tell our stories and explore our moods through the way we stack our rings, necklaces or bracelets. trays filled with jewelry were passed around the tables so we could all play and create. a real fashion playground and it’s all about your own individual style.

PANDORA is also one of the amazing sponsors that help make WMCFW happen (that is the World MasterCard Fashion Week for those who didn’t know). every year they partner with two designers and grace the runways in PANDORA jewels. for their 4th season as the exclusive jewelry sponsor the chosen two were lucian matis and matthew gallagher. we were invited to come backstage and document the pre-show madness for both of these shows. models frantically trying to get last pins put in their hair as stylists tweak their final looks and adorn their necks and arms with .925 sterling silver and 14k gold pieces. nothing leaves as lasting of an impression as these beautiful gowns gliding down the runway leaving us dreaming of the sparkle that’s left behind. gallagher’s show was all about minimal elegance, clean lines and blush tones that were perfectly complimented by the delicate necklaces and earrings while matis played on the same resurgence of fairy tales and fables that inspired PANDORA‘s magnificent kingdom collection. the girls resembled elegant princesses and beautiful villains with their soft curls and smoky eyes, like something out of the modern remake of snow white and the huntsmen. a visual treat.

our experience with PANDORA left me in awe. along the same lines of self-expression they proved to be as versatile as their collections promise. the idea that there is something here for everyone was reinforced again and again through our interaction with the pieces themselves and seeing the designers and even other bloggers put their own spin on their favourites and that’s exactly what fashion is all about. xoxo

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  1. Stunning images as per usual. Can’t wait to see what comes out of your new studio :).

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