AniaB RWCO COAT-1 AniaB RW&CO COAT-6 AniaB RW&CO COAT-9 AniaB RW&CO COAT-4 AniaB RW&CO COAT-5RW&CO Coat AniaB RW&CO COAT-1 AniaB RW&CO COAT-11 AniaB RW&CO COAT-21 AniaB RW&CO COAT-22 AniaB RW&CO COAT-12to put it simply, my thoughts on winter parkas are as follows, if it’s long enough to cover all your essential organs (thus making mum at ease that you are dressed warm enough) and it if comes with a removable lining, a removable hood, and drawstrings to cinch when the occasion calls for it then it’s the perfect fit. yes i just described the rw&co parka i’m wearing and i’m totally serious. living in canada really trains you to think in practical terms when it comes to winter dressing and for those that end up commuting, like it turns out everyone outside of calgary does on the regular, you will be very glad you listened to your mum when she nagged at you to cover your kidneys. apart from the fact that i actually love this coat for it’s function i actually really love it for it’s looks just as much. i’ve owned a couple of this style of jacket over the years and i always come back to it. my number one requirement is that it has to have the split tail. i actually still don’t know the purpose of it but i really like how it elongates the back and ads the little bit of extra detail. surprisingly not all of them have it. i also love the double panel hood (for those windy days) and of course the removable option on the hood and lining for the very practical purpose of being able to reuse the coat when spring comes knocking. the color is really a personal preference, for those interested it also comes in black, but if you ask me military green is totally where it’s at. if you are looking for an alternative style rw&co has a great selection of winter coats (for men and women) at the ready. you can check out some of my favourite canadian girls rocking their take on winter dressing over at the august diaries and erica on fashion. you can also head over to rw&co online store and get 40% off select outerwear. tis’ the season to shop! xoxo

wearing: rw&co parka

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