aldo-rise-aniab-16aldo-rise-aniab-19 aldo-rise-aniab-11aldo-rise-aniab-4 aldo-rise-aniab-19 aldo-rise-aniab-14 aldo-rise-aniab-21 aldo-rise-aniab-10 aldo-rise-aniab-13i’m not usually one to be asked for dating advice. even though i had to kiss many frogs to get to my prince it was more or less smooth sailing, thankfully no major horror stories on my end. when it comes to dating attire, however, i’m all about it. for me it’s all about comfort. i figure if he can’t like you for you then on to the next. i like to compare a date outfit to a travel outfit, you want to be comfortable, you want to bring layers for fluctuating temperatures and you want to wear comfortable shoes, because you never know when you’re going to have to run. jokes aside, with the coming of fall, short summer dresses are no longer an option and you aren’t going to impress anyone when you’re whining about how cold you are. take it from someone who knows. for inspiration, look across the pond. french women are masters of effortless dressing so i reached for some of my favourite paris finds to put together my ideal fall date outfit. my oversized coat allows for additional layers, the mesh top adds a romantic flair and the skinny jeans help to keep the look casual enough that you don’t feel overdressed. to elevate the outfit into a date-worthy category i picked these desarea boots from ALDO to finish it all off. i love a good chunky heel and the shiny leather really helps with making everything look put together. fashion or function? with these ALDO booties you don’t have to choose! perfect for the girl who wants to focus on her date instead of her throbbing feet, she can have a good time and she looks great doing it. win-win!

to help ease your planning efforts i put together three tips that guarantee a successful date outfit:

chose style over trends. a date isn’t a time to show off your styling skills, a first date calls for your shining personality and any other date calls for comfort. you can be stylish AND comfortable, pick pieces that you won’t need to re-adjust throughout the night.

layer. be romantic and prepare for the best date of your life, who knows where it will take you. best part about layers is you can peel them off as the night goes on and add a bit of mystery while you are at it, and finally THE most important…

pick the right shoe. are you going to the opera? will you be sitting all night? are you going to be walking? dancing? a chunky heel never disappoints, it’s the best of both worlds and it won’t leave you in recovery for the rest of the week so you don’t have to wait to go out again asap.


wearing: ALDO boots + hat

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  1. I’ve been eyeing the coat over jacket and jacket over jacket look for a little while and this makes me want to try it even more! Love the mix of neutrals and that profile shot of you is exceptional!

  2. Elise says:

    Those boots! Want! This post is making me all kinds of excited to be moving to Vancouver nest week where it’s actually cold enough to wear boots. 😛

  3. Tegan says:

    I’m obsessed with the camel coloured coat! Where is it from?

  4. LOVE those boots! Must pick up a pair for myself! Great date-night look and tips!!


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