AniaB Lacoste SS16-2 AniaB Lacoste SS16-4 AniaB Lacoste SS16-5 AniaB Lacoste SS16-6 AniaB Lacoste SS16-8 Lacoste Set 2 AniaB Lacoste SS16-15 AniaB Lacoste SS16-18 AniaB Lacoste SS16-25 AniaB Lacoste SS16-26 Lacoste Set 1 AniaB Lacoste SS16-27 AniaB Lacoste SS16-28 AniaB Lacoste SS16-29 AniaB Lacoste SS16-31 AniaB Lacoste SS16-32 AniaB Lacoste SS16-33 AniaB Lacoste SS16-35AniaB Lacoste SS16-3one of my favourite shows of all of fashion month and you can tell at first glance what it was right away. lacoste provided an inspiring showcase of amazing work and it being my first time to their show live i am more in love with the brand then i ever was before. what more is our next day showroom visit to view and feel all these clothes in person added to the already increased excitement about what’s to come in spring/summer 2016. my personal favourites (if you couldn’t tell from instagram already) were the visors and i am still obsessing over the drama of the added train. the brand is of course working on outfitting the french olympic delegation for rio next year so it is more than fitting to have seen the flags of the world make their cameos. i don’t think anyone else could get away with it the way felipe olivera baptista did. binx, mica arganaraz, sport luxe, comfort and edge in one room, an epic studio space and a killer seat to take it all in from. yea, i would say a true favourite moment of past months. thanks lacoste for having us, can’t wait to get my hands on the collection come spring. xoxo

AniaB LACOSTE SS16 Showroom-1 LACOSTE Showroom Set 1 AniaB LACOSTE SS16 Showroom-5 AniaB LACOSTE SS16 Showroom-11 AniaB LACOSTE SS16 Showroom-12 LACOSTE Showroom Set 2 AniaB LACOSTE SS16 Showroom-13 AniaB LACOSTE SS16 Showroom-14

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  1. Love the set design of the runway show!

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