This isn’t news to anyone but LA is my favourite place on earth (Do I say it in every post? Because I really should). Even with the recent rainy and cold weather it’s still one of my favourite places to shoot and just hang out. We always go for work so I have forgotten how it is to just have a day to bum around the city which I’m kind of hoping for in the next few months. Exploring restaurants and new places of interest is one of my favorites things to do. Feels so novel but also provides for tons of satisfaction of discovery and not to mention, inspiration. A quick note about the benefits of waking up before sunrise and catching those first moments on Venice Beach all by ourselves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the skate park this empty, though let me tell you those skater boys don’t mess around, we were barely there for 20 minutes and one was already ready to ride. There is something to be learned regarding work ethic and dedication in there somewhere.

You might have already seen some teasers of these shots on my instagram but we’re finally sharing them in all their glory on the… wait for it… NEW AND IMPROVED ANIAB.NET!!! I know I know, the new site kind of sneaked up on us too. We’ve been planning to have it up for a while now but there is always something to fix or improve so we’ve been moving it back. The wait is over and I couldn’t think of a better way to start off this new chapter than by sharing the newest series shot with Michi, where else, but in LA!

The Collection

I LOVE what Michi is doing in the active wear/athleisure space. Street vibes combined with the classic athletic pieces that will take you from the gym to a lunch date with a girlfriend, shopping or just being casually off-duty. For those of you who don’t know, Michi was one of the first brands, and in my opinion, the trailblazer when it comes to the mesh activewear trend. The fact that they do it so well is no doubt an indication that they have experience behind them. Mesh is having such an amazing moment in fashion right now that Michi’s latest collection is a perfect embodiment of sporty chic. If there was ever a time to embrace and be excited about styling sneakers it’s right now.

Whenever I’m really excited about a collection I will often decide to extend the life of the project by choosing to spread it over a couple different posts. No exception here, get ready for a healthy dose of Michi in the coming days! To top it off we also filmed the looks in motion so you can see the clothes in action, scroll to the bottom of the post to watch the full lookbook! On a side note, this psyloque swimsuit… YES SWIMSUIT!! IS THE ABSOLUTE BOMB!

If there was ever a time to be embrace and be excited about styling sneakers that time is now


So much news to share since our last post. We are buying a house (!), insane and doesn’t even feel real. Are we ready? Is anyone ever ready? Stay tuned for the adventures to come, we’ll be looking at getting a mortgage (after we just paid off our last one!), budgeting (?), buying furniture… oh it’ll be a handful.

Never one to give myself a break we finally got around to fixing the website, giving it a breath of fresh air, a new look was inevitable more or less from the moment we re-designed it last time. The entire process made me really want to take up a coding. I mean, yes Karlie makes it seem so glamorous and everything but I actually think it would be one of the more useful things to learn, not just for myself but for life in general. The more we move toward living our lives on the internet (as a society not just individually), the more I’m starting to think coding might be a skill as useful as knowing how to change a lightbulb. Actually the more I’m telling you about it the more I’m convincing myself to start looking at where to start. Think of the imminent apocalypse and just how handy that could be.

Morbid thoughts aside. The new blog is a much improved version 2.0 with all our favourite topics categorized for easy access. We never thought that scrolling down a single page ever did the site justice. As much as fashion is at the core of the site there is so much more to find here. Travel being a major example of that. You already know how much we love to travel and Instagram is a great representation of that and now the blog is too. You can now browse individual destinations by country and city, we will split everything up for you so you can find your favourite hotels and restaurants at your fingertips and not have to remember which post they were in. Lifestyle is another category that has been getting overlooked and now we have it all broken down for you. With the new look also come new categories that we want to explore together like finance and home decor. As per my note about buying a house that will be a HUGE topic of conversation and with my background in accounting it’s something I can confidently speak to on many levels. So let’s talk! First in the series is my quick intro about why you should care about personal finance and stay tuned for the next video coming up right away! I hope you like the new look and as we’re growing in this blogging journey together I’m looking forward to sharing this new chapter with you! xoxo

wearing: psyloque swimsuit (coming soon), majors tennis skirt, all by Michi, adidas superstar sneakers, chloe backpack

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Such beautiful active wear look … very sporty, stylish and chic! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  2. Fantastyczny lookbook!

  3. Love the new writing style; it really compliments the quality of your photography! Also, how amazing is the empty skate park!?! Stunning backdrop for a beautiful gal ;).

  4. I LOVE how creative this swimsuit is! What a great piece for travel. Looks fab on you! xx

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