20150907-032A2020-Edit20150907-032A095920150907-032A1393-Editadidas born original is a state of being, it’s a lifestyle. it resonates with us every moment of our lives, professionally and personally. standing out from the crowd is something we embrace rather than shy away from. adidas really carved a path for all things original, a world where anything is possible and nothing if off limits. with the launch of their newest perfumes adidas asked what born original means to us, and because we wanted to tell the story in pictures we took to one of our favourite places to tell it. the born original fragrances are the result of endless re-mixing of smells to bring a new and entirely unique perspective to the way you view perfume. the two scents are very different from each other, both having distinct voices for the genders they represent.

the men’s is a mix of rhubarb and violet leaves that plays with spicy tones of black pepper and orange oils, all under the very addictive cinnamon. all notes that tell a different story but together make quite a cool combo. the fragrance is also true to the adidas roots, it’s not a lot of fuss and always on the go and in a nut shell it smells really great. the original for her is also quite a nice surprise, it’s a very sweet smell of candy apple with the undertones of bergamot, apricot and orange zest, if you are left feeling a hint of floral that’s probably because you are smelling jasmine. similarly as with the men’s fragrance this one wakes you right up, puts you on the move and inspires. the adventure obviously doesn’t end there. the packaging, always a huge part of the story, is exactly what it promises, as an abstract it delivers a message of individuality. the idea that you can be who you decide to be and visually, presents an aesthetically conscious bottle that will fit into your existing collection, however big it may already be. and who isn’t a sucker for a good perfume bottle, am i right or am i right?!

everything came together quite serendipitously. climbing mountains may not be our strongest suit but metaphorically we do it every day. the canadian rockies provide such a beautiful backdrop and the landscapes are beyond inspiring. i thought the bottle blended beautifully with the rock face and the light in the cave was just the right amount of dramatic. you may have seen my rather candid snaps (@ania_boniecka on snapchat) the other week from london where i talk about the trials and tribulations of the blogging world. if you have, you already know that maintaining the drive to do what we do is sometimes not as effortless as it may seem. we love what we do and even though there are moments of self doubt it’s what keeps us fighting that is worth every last effort. in this world of ever evolving digital content it’s hard to stand out sometimes but our passion is what drives us. i really hope that it translates and that you can find inspiration in it as a result. never forget to be inspired and always pay it forward. xoxo

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  1. I’m blown away by these photos! You look amazing, the light is perfect, and how powerful is that location!?! Perfect!

  2. wow perfect collection! urban and elegant, perfect to combine with anything else, like for example:

    If you could visit us… that would be amazing. Thanks a lot!

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