20151001-032A7938-Edit 20151001-032A8331-Edit 20151001-032A9041-Edit 20151001-032A8427-Edit20151001-032A9378-Editlet’s talk underwear for a second. because why not? part of getting dressed is looking great from top to bottom, and so the same goes for the inside out. i guess technically that all depends on how deep you want to get with the meaning of that, but you know what i mean. women everywhere sware by the power of a good fitting bra, what it does for the confidence as well as the way it looks with clothes on. i am definitely a little lazy when it comes to my underthings. most often i will opt out for black, because it’s safest and because it goes with everything. even the look of a white t-shirt with a black bra has become visually acceptable, in fact it can look better than white on white. i want to feel sexy before i get dressed and what better feeling than getting up in the morning and parading around in your underwear until you have to leave the house and feeling good about it.

i was all about test driving the newest addition to nordstom in calgary, triumph lingire, launching this fall. i am quite sentimental about the brand in fact, as theirs was my first ever real bra. happy to report that it still fits and my size apparently hasn’t changed after all these years (let’s test how long i can ride that wave), happier even to report that it has lasted all these years, judgement about not replacing my bras more often aside that’s a pretty good track record if you ask me, and yes i have plenty of new bras, it just happens that some things are harder to part with than others: i still have my first pair of glasses, my baby clothes and my first walkmen. triumph has always been in the luxury underwear category for me so i already associate it with a great fit but the pieces that came my way did more than boost my confidence in the brand, they made me believe that there is truth to what woman say about underwear, i just clearly haven’t found the right fit.

a box full of underwear arrived in the mail and i was pleasantly surprised that everything fit perfectly. you know when you shop online only to find out you will have to send the items back because the sizes never actually are what they say? well this was not one of those times. having gotten over that hurdle now it was all about deciding which pieces i was going to take with me to paris. obviously the city of love would be the perfect place for us to shoot and our apartment here couldn’t fit the bill more perfectly. in true parisian style we got to work bright and early to catch the best light. the amourette series is one of triumphs best selling lines, tailored to perfection there is vast selection of styles for all shapes and sizes, including bottoms so you can create your perfect set. it has also moved on from the classic all over lace so you can now also wear it with a cotton tee, not worry about the lines and still feel sexy. there is that perfect stapless fit that will stay up without your constant attention and my favorite so far, the perfect sensation body dress that literally gives you the perfect shape. getting it on at first seemed like a challenge but once everything was in place wearing it out as an actual dress might have crossed my mind. i picked my top fifteen styles to show you over the next month so make sure to follow along on instagram for a sneak peek into what’s new in my underwear drawer. give triumph some social media love on their instagram and facebook and to get a closer look at what triumph is all about visit their website xoxo

wearing: triumph iconic e tee shirt bra, amourette spotlight hipster, perfect sensation bodydress + body make-up magic wire strapless bra

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  1. Love these photos, I want to go to Paris

  2. That body dress!!! Love.

  3. lindsey says:

    Love the photography involved! Great blog,

    Lindsey S.

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