Ania B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-13 Ania B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-7 CAT Sequoia Boot Ania B 2 Ania B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-9Ania B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-2 Ania B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-10 Ania B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-19 Ania B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-8 Ania B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-14 CAT Sequoia Boot Ania BAnia B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-15Ania B CAT FOOTWEAR - Sequoia-4 originally i was planning to title this post along the lines of ‘3 boots in 3 cities’ or ‘these boots were made for walking’, because i like to think i am clever and witty like that, my plans were foiled when we realized that all these amazing places we took the cat footwear fall 2015 collection were so incredibly photogenic we actually ended up with way too much content than originally planned. but how can you limit yourself like this, 3 individual posts dedicated to our favourite cat styles for this season it is! this way we can also dive deeper into why we chose each and every one of these boots. the colorado was an obvious choice for new york so for toronto we thought something different but the same. the sequoia, as the name suggests is an outdoor hero, and even though toronto is a fully independent city as far as cities go this also felt like the more laid back cousin of the colorado. because we’re in canada we feel more like we are at home, and let’s face it, no matter where you go in this country you can find an outdoor adventure. i thought these would play perfectly well with the soft silk floral dress and an oversized alpaca coat by sentaler and sure enough it gives the look more of street presence. the colour is an unexpected change from the usual black and works great paired with the darker grey.

as part of our collaboration cat footwear is giving away one pair of cat footwear boots from the women’s collection, to qualify you must follow @catfootwear on instagram and leave a comment on one of my photos that i will be posting on the platform as part of my takeover this week. let us know which style is your favourite.

wearing: cat sequoia boot, zara dress, sentaler coat


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  1. I absolutely love these photos! The colours are so beautiful together and I love the variety in composition. Also loving your curly deep side part. Bravo!

  2. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love this look, everything about it!

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