20150521-20150521-20150521-118A1604-EditCOUTOU KITSCH SET 3 20150521-20150521-20150521-118A2265-Edit 20150521-20150521-20150521-118A2736-Edit COUTU KITSCH SET 2 20150521-20150521-20150521-118A4266-Editi would hope that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but in this day and age who knows anymore. we’ve been a little m.i.a these last two weeks due to an insane shooting schedule followed by last minute travel. on our way back to la as we speak, mostly because we’re tired of this year’s summer in canada but also because work calls, and in la nothing really feels like work. it would really be super great to be able to say that we are getting up and moving there tomorrow but unfortunately there are other factors at play. maybe in our early 20’s this would have been the best idea ever (sometimes i think it still is) but then we think about our families, our mortgages and our lifestyles and know how much we’d be giving up. life has a way of working itself out i hear and i really hope it’s true. things happen for a reason, the world is a much smaller place and good things come to those who wait. all hopefully will ring true one day when it really is too late to make that leap. we see a lot of friends leave in search of a better life in bigger, ‘cooler’ places but in the end the grass is greener where you water it. look at me, always the positive thinker (rolls her eyes while she writes this).

but enough of what’s inside my head. let’s focus on the fun things we’ve been doing, because if anything this is a space for me to share what i’ve been up to and this post is super overdue. we shot these images for the coutu kitsch lookbook but i loved them so much i really wanted to also post them here and share these amazing pieces dorian came up with for the most recent park show, and i’m in such awe of her for putting it all together. i mean, coutu kitsch already has an impressive library of beautiful jewellery but the magic comes from creating something in mind and specifically for the event. the opportunity to think outside the box, think bigger and be limitless, those are the qualities these pieces poses that elevates them to a whole other level. we’ve seen many designers come and go and some real struggles with finding a voice and space in the industry but these guys are a shining example of how it’s really done. business savvy, creative, motivated and knowledgable, like the most dangerous combo to cultivate the machine they now run out of the livery shop right here in calgary. but don’t be fooled, the rest of the world is quickly picking up on the value of what dorian and kofi bring to the table. let’s just hope they will be sticking around because when we’re short on inspiration they seem to always be the answer. check out the full coutu kitsch collection on their website and i highly recommend working your way up to a custom piece sooner rather than later. xoxo

wearing: coutu kitsch jewellery + mary young lingerie

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    Love the pictures , it’s really inspiring!

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