ania-b-pandora-holiday-collection-15 ania-b-pandora-holiday-collection-20 ania-b-pandora-holiday-collection-11 ania-b-pandora-holiday-collection-17 pandora-holidays-2 ania-b-pandora-holiday-collection-13 pandora-holidays-3 ania-b-pandora-holiday-collection-21 ania-b-pandora-holiday-collection-26 ania-b-pandora-holiday-collection-3The most exciting part of the holidays is of course opening the presents, spending time with family, but opening presents is for sure a runner up, am i right? My mum tells a story when, a four year old Ania got into the presents early and opened everything under the tree before the family even arrived. Everyone has their vices and I found mine young, what can I say? The most popular gift to give for a special occasion is jewellery, and for those of you scrambling to get that perfect little box under the tree this year you still have a couple more days of shopping. This years PANDORA holiday collection offers a vast selection of gifts for all the women in your life. From this sterling silver strand bracelet (a gift for self) to the 14K gold timeless elegance collection they have gifts ranging in price from $30 to $500, that will make every moment a reason to celebrate. I really love all their classic pieces, which you can get individually or as a beautiful set (see the elegant beauty or timeless elegance collections), but I really do also have a soft spot for those charm bracelets. Done right they can become a really fun tradition, instead of buying different ornaments for the tree you can surprise her with a fun new charm every year, each that will signify another milestone together, you can also exchange them with your sister or mum and make gift giving a little more special. These new PANDORA pieces will become treasures, can be worn on special occasions but also to dress up a more casual look. And directly after the holidays you can wear them to ring in the new year, because there is nothing like that little bit (or a lot) of sparkle to put you in a festive mood. xoxo

wearing: olivia palermo x chelsea 28 top, h&m jeans + PANDORA jewelry

This post was sponsored by PANDORA Jewelry, however the opinions are my own.

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