20150620-20150620-032A3351-Edit20150620-20150620-032A3279-Edit20150620-20150620-032A2674-Edit20150620-20150620-032A3607-Edit20150620-20150620-032A2069-Edit20150620-20150620-032A283920150620-20150620-032A3307-Edit20150620-20150620-032A1736-Edit 20150620-20150620-032A3534-Edit20150620-20150620-032A1780-Editone of my favourite outfits this stampede came together quite unexpectedly. i am so in love with this whole look that i wear it on repeat. i don’t even change my accessories, everything just works so well together. the dress, believe it or not, is banana republic! and if you tuned in during our nyfw adventure this past february you will know that uner the watchful eye of marissa webb, the brand has been undergoing a serious facelift in the last few years. and if this dress isn’t a promise of things to come, our photos of the upcoming collection should have you checking in every week for new stock. but let’s stick to the current season for now. because of my love for the stampede i have been getting my ootds ready for months now and was ecstatic when i found this smithbilt gaucho hat at their inglewood factory. when you live in a city that is famous for it’s cowboys you don’t expect much variety so this acted as a pleasant surprise. i snatched it up in my size and the rest is history. a few headaches later, the hat now fits like a glove and we are inseparable. the best part about smithbilt is their customization service. if you can produce a photo or a drawing of a hat you want they can do it, and it will be the best quality hat you will ever have. we’ve been on a serious binge lately and have explored our options thoroughly. i can say with confidence smithbilt knows what they are doing, and almost 100 years in the business you should better believe it! now to the drawing board. xoxo

wearing: banana republic monogram collection dress, smithbilt hat, aldo earings

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  1. Ever Rose says:

    As a fellow Calgarian, major thumbs up for a 100% chic Stampede outfit! That dress looks like it can be styled a bunch of different ways after the fact too.

  2. I love when you and Tyler head out to the country :). Is that Big Rock? Ken and I always talked about doing a shoot there when I had a blog and never got around to it. It’s stunning!

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