Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--16Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--22Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--15Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--20Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--24Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--17for those of you just joining us we’re thrilled to share with you these images we took in the drumheller ‘desert’ for wayhome festival with joe fresh. we will be flying out to toronto at the end of july to join all the avid festival goers to the first year of the festival. topped of with a vip joe fresh experience that may or may not involve (wait for it!)… glamping!!

as with every festival, packing is an adventure in and of itself. what kind of a fashion girl would you be if you didn’t think about what your potential outfit will look like in photos, not to mention the first impression you will make on that cute guy that’s totally at the same concert, the stars aligned and you are totally rocking those short shorts you threw in just before you zipped up your suitcase. so we’re making it super easy for you. together with the wicked sales you will score at joe fresh right about now we’re giving you four totally different looks you can easily rock at your first, or your 50th festival this summer. what i love about this outfit is the ease of transition from city to festival. the straw tote makes carrying a big picnic blanket effortless and the skirt, even though unexpected for a full day of bumming around in festival fields, is a great way of dressing up the look. and do i even have to mention that white lace! #ootd material if i’ve ever seen one. oh and those birks inspired sandals… $24! you may be getting down and dirty but at least you won’t regret it! xoxo

wearing: head to toe joe fresh

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  1. How cute is that picture of you hitch hiking!?! Haha! I hope we get to see coverage of this glamping you speak of. Fingers crossed :).

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